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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Self Storage

Dec 02 2016

The concept of self storage is still taking off here in Ireland, and we realise that many people may not be aware of all the services provided by a self storage facility and what it can be used for. So for those that don’t already know, this blog post aims to provide an introduction to this new and growing industry in Ireland

self storage

  1. Firstly, there a numerous self storage facilities all across Ireland. We have two city centre facilities. One in on South Circular Road in Dublin and we have a second facility in Limerick.
  2. Overall in Ireland there are currently eight self storage companies that are members of the ISSA (Irish Self Storage Association).
  3. The self storage industry is booming and has been growing at a very rapid rate worldwide in the last number of years. It took the self storage industry more than 25 years to build its first billion square feet of space; it added the second billion square feet in just 8 years (1998-2005).
  4. The concept of self storage is generally associated with the US. However, there are actually self storage facilities in almost all European countries. With FEDESSA (Federation of European Self Storage Associations) estimating 2,940 units across Europe in its last report.
  5. Self storage units come in all shapes and sizes to suit various needs. From a locker-sized unit to a space the size of a large garage there is something for everyone! We have a very handy Size Estimator tool where you can explore unit sizes further and see what size of a unit might meet your needs.
  6. There is no lease agreement for a self storage unit. This is a massive plus. It means you can come and go as you please and only rent it for as long as you wish. It is very easy and flexible.
  7. About 13% of all self storage renters say they will rent for less than 3 months; 18% for 3-6 months; 18% for 7-12 months; 22% for 1-2 years; and 30% for more than 2 years – the choice is yours!
  8. Storage units can be used for a wide range of things that you may not have previously considered. For example, a self storage unit may be the ideal solution for a small business, for office storage and of course is most commonly used when moving home or de-cluttering a space.
  9. Random Fact: there is 7.3 sq.ft. of self storage space for every man, woman and child in the US. Theoretically it would be physically possible that every American could stand – all at the same time – under the total canopy of self storage roofing in the country!
  10. Our self storage facilities are fitted with CCTV and burglar alarm systems and have individual padlock systems for units. It is a very safe and secure place to store your stuff with around the clock security!

So hopefully you may have learned something that you didn’t already know about self storage by reading this. If you have any questions feel free to drop us a line or give us a call, or even drop in to our Dublin or Limerick facilities – we’d be happy to show you around!