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5 Storage Solutions for Decluttering your Kitchen

Jul 06 2017

Often the heart of the home, and the place where the most time is spent, is the kitchen. However, it often tends to get neglected when it comes to organisation and storage, when in fact it is one of the spaces that could benefit from it the most.

When you consider the number of activities that take place in your kitchen, it’s no wonder that you may find it difficult to keep things in order there. From preparing food and cooking, to eating meals; it is the social centre of the home and the general drop in and drop off point for everyone and everything. It is for this very reason that the storage in your kitchen is of huge importance.

Chaos may be a word that springs to mind when you think of your kitchen and if this is true for you – then keep reading!

Storage-wise, the kitchen is the most important area in your home to have well organised – the hustle and bustle of family life lends itself to rush and mess so your kitchen should have plenty of ways to soak up this mess. It’s also never going to be easy to encourage family members to get into the habit of clearing away after themselves. Therefore, mess is often too hard to avoid.

Improving the storage and use of space in your kitchen can revolutionise your home. A space this important should be optimised. By taking the time to organise the kitchen and remove clutter, the stress involved in daily activities can be greatly reduced.

Having said this; here are 5 solutions to help you on your way to organising and decluttering your kitchen:

1. Storage Boxes

There is always a place for large plastic boxes and storage containers in any room in your home. If you have a utility room just outside your kitchen door, a plastic box may be a good place to store shoes and other items that may be thrown around. If you have small children that regularly play in the kitchen area, cardboard storage boxes may be a great way for storing toys.

2. Sink Area

Let’s start with the sink area. Visually this area can generally appear quite unappealing when cluttered. You should make a habit of emptying a draining board as soon as items are dry. Containers can be used to store washing up liquid, as well as sponges and cloths to help keep them from appearing cluttered and messy.

3. Cupboards

The cupboards are another crucial area to declutter your kitchen. By employing some simple tips you can create more storage space in the cupboards, and also make it far easier to find exactly what you are looking for. It is recommended to use clear and labelled plastic containers for storing hard foods such as pastas and pulses. These containers are also great for ensuring that food stays fresh and prevents build-up of half packets of food. Items of the same shape and size, such as tin cans or boxes, should be stored together to optimise space. Decluttering your kitchen is also a great time to say goodbye to anything you come across that you have not used in recent times or that is well passed its sell-by date – cupbaords are a notorious place for clutter to gather!

4. Kitchen Layout

The layout of your kitchen is important, and will help promote organisation. Just because your kitchen is a certain way now does not mean that you can’t change things around – change can be good! For example, delph and cutlery should be stored beside the dish washer or sink – this allows them to be easily returned to their rightful place after use. This works the same for appliances as the toaster should be kept as close as possible to where the plates are stored – this avoids crumbs being dragged across the room in search of a plate.

5. Cleaning Equipment

Bins, sweeping brushes and other cleaning products should be kept out of view, if possible. These are generally unsightly and unpleasant dining mates. By storing these in a cupboard or in a utility area they can be kept out of sight and improve the appearance of your kitchen.

We believe that the less that can be seen in your kitchen the better when it comes to making the space appear less cluttered. So go and give those cupboards a good spring clean and see how much more items you can now fit inside!