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Tips for Storing Your Christmas Decorations

Jan 11 2016

A very happy new year to all of our fellow storers! We hope you enjoyed the holiday season and had time for some R&R!

Little Christmas has been and gone, so it’s now safe to get all those decorations down! Not something that most people look forward to, the task of undoing your home can be a big one often filled with tangled fairy lights and smashed decorations. We have some tips for taking the stress out of the task as well as some top storage tips for your Christmas decorations.

Christmas tree lights can be a nightmare to take down, as well as put up. With their amazing tendency to become impossibly entangled their storage is important for their resurrection in 11 months time! Take the stress out of your unpacking next Christmas with your packing up of your lights right now! If you have more than one set of fairy lights on your tree, light them up one at a time so that each set can be taken down from the tree individually. This minimizes tangling with other sets of lights. If your lights are a bit tangled, spread the lights out between two people and shake! – this really does work to easily untangle them! Fold the set of lights and place each set into a separate small plastic bag.


Wrap glass or porcelain decorations in bubble wrap, or place them in a box padded with plenty of scrunched up newspaper. Avoid storing them in plastic bags – they are much more likely to get damaged or to roll from shelves and break.

Store decorations away from direct sunlight to protect them from fading.

Whether you will be storing your decorations in your attic or garage, or in a self-storage unit, it is a good idea to label the bags and boxes with what’s inside. That way when you come to look for something, you won’t have to go tearing down each bag or box to see what’s inside!

Disposable decorations, such as tinsel or paper chains should be discarded after the holiday season. They take up a lot of space and generally do not fair when smashed into a box or bag.

Christmas decorations are only taken out for 3 to 4 weeks each year, they must be stored for the other 11 months of the year. If you are someone who takes great pride in their decorations and lights over Christmas it is likely that you have lots to store! Most households will have at least 3 to 4 bags/boxes of Christmas decorations, with many having lots more! For something you don’t need for the majority of the year, it makes sense to not have them taking up precious space in your home. If you have a garage which is dry and spacious, this would be a great place to set aside a corner for decorations. If you struggle with space in your home a self storage unit would be an ideal solution for your holiday decoration storage.