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Making Space for a New Arrival

Feb 05 2016

Will you be welcoming a new family member into your home this year? You’re going to need lots of extra space for new addition – babies are small, their stuff is not!

We have some tips for transforming a room into a nursery, as well as some ideas for creating extra space in your home.



A new baby does not need to be a reason to move home or upsize from a small apartment. This may not be a feasible option financially for lots of people. In reality there are lots of ways that you can make space for a baby in an apartment or a small home.

Firstly find space for a nursery. This may mean that the spare room, office or small utility is transformed for the foreseeable. Make sure it is warm and bright. Simple renovations such as painting and carpeting or buying a large rug may help to achieve this.

Once you have your nursery space sorted it is important to fill it efficiently. If you’re stuck for space you need to make sure you opt firstly for the things you need over the things that you would like. Here are some ideas for kitting out your nursery, and the rest of your home for the arrival of your baby:

Install a fold-down changing table, or a less permanent option – a foldable changing table. These can be put away when not in use. Some cribs even come with a built-in changing table, great for maximizing space.

Try swapping some of your current furniture for more functional options. For example, a TV stand in a small apartment, can be swapped for a chest of drawers – the same amount of space is used, and the drawers can hold your baby’s clothes.

Make use of ALL available space!  Space that is rarely used is that underneath the crib. A great place to store a drawer for nappies!

Install two rails in your baby’s wardrobe. Baby’s clothes are very small leaving plenty of room for two racks in a wardrobe. Store twice as many clothes in the one wardrobe! Remove the door from the wardrobe. This will save space in the room by not having to open the door.

Rather than a traditional high chair, clip-on high chairs are a great way to save space and are very portable, they can even be thrown in the boot of the car and brought for trips to restaurants or for visiting friends and family. They easily clip on to pretty much any table. The Pod high chair from Mountain Buggy is also foldable and a great space-saving option.

Buggies and strollers are notoriously awkward to store and can take up considerable space. A nifty solution to this is the Strollaway, available from Amazon.

In the excitement of the arrival of your bonnie baby, friends and family are likely to donate everything you need! You are likely to run out of space if you are to house all of the gifts, keep only that what you can hold and it may be an idea to sell some of the excess.

As an expectant parent, it is easy to get sucked into buying toys and clothes for your newborn. Avoid this temptation and think about what your baby is likely to need in the early days, direct finances this way.

Remember, creating a nursery space does not mean that you have discard all the pre-baby belongings that have to be moved to make way for your baby. A self storage unit is a great long or short term option for your excess of stuff.