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Cleaning your new space

Jul 20 2015

Moved into your new home? Nothing worse than moving into a new space that doesn’t feel clean and comfortable, grimy from the previous tenants with remaining dirt and leftover belongings.

This is often times the case when new tenants move into a space, it is likely, unfortunately, that the place is not handed over in pristine condition.

Here are a few tips on how to tackle your new space, top to bottom. Best done before you move in so that is sparkling for the placement of your furniture and belongings, and so it can begin to feel like home right away.



The Floors:

If your new home has carpet, you may choose to have it professionally steam-cleaned before you move in. This will freshen it up and remove any deep- set dirt. It also pulls all odours from the carpet. If steam cleaning isn’t in your budget, a good hoover and stain removal will also do a good job.

For wood floors, sweep the floor well and use a mild soap to remove any lingering dirt.

Tile floors can generally withstand more intense chemical cleaners.

Don’t forget to sweep under vents and appliances too, giving the skirting boards a wipe wouldn’t hurt either!


The Walls:

Eliminate cobwebs in corners or moulding. Using a sponge and a mild soap, wash walls to remove smudges of dirt. Don’t forget light switches and door frames too.

Although it may be more time-consuming, putting a lick of paint to your new walls can really make a huge impact in freshening up your new space. It may prevent you from moving in right away but is certainly a much easier task to undertake before the placement of your belongings and furniture, and is sure to leave your rooms gleaming.


Kitchen Cabinets and Appliances:

The insides of kitchen cabinets and drawers should be cleaned with a mild soap and water. If not lined already, consider lining them to prepare for storing your utensils and dishes. Try non-adhesive liners – they can be removed easily for cleaning.

If your new place comes with appliances, it is a good idea to give them a good cleaning. Use a strong oven cleaner to get rid of burnt food residue, clean the inside of the fridge and wipe down the microwave and toaster to get rid of leftover food particles.

Buy some good scented candles and burn for a couple of hours, leaving windows open to get a good flow of air through the space. This will get rid of overpowering smells of cleaning products in no time and your place will smell like heaven when you finally move in – exhausted though you may be!

Need space for some extra stuff that won’t have room in your new home? Or not planning on taking it all with you but not willing to part with it? A self storage unit may be a good option for you.