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Has your home been taken over by clutter?

We know that life can get cluttered over time. Partners move in, children arrive or you decide to introduce a pet to the family. Whatever the reason, wouldn’t it be great to get that spare bedroom back and use it as, well, a spare bedroom.

It’s time for a big clear out! Don’t worry you don’t have to throw everything away. We know you have those old medals from your school sports day, as well as some priceless keep-sakes and several black bags of old clothes, that you know will come back into fashion one day.

Self storage is the perfect solution. Hassle free, flexible storage rental solutions that you can access whenever you like. We have 10 different sized storage facilities, so there won’t be an issue with the size of the items. All our storage units are cctv monitored and are equipped with alarms, so you can have peace of mind knowing your belongings are safe and secure.

Decluttering your home has never been so easy and hassle free. Pack everything into cardboard boxes and store away for whatever length of time you want.

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10 Different Storage Unit Sizes

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Why use Storage World?


Decluttering your home can feel like a great idea at the time. But what if you don’t want to throw your old belongings out? They may still have sentimental or financial value. Self storage means you can get the space back you need and keep your belongings safe.

Store Large Items

Store those bulky items that take up too much room. With a range of storage unit sizes you can store almost anything you want.

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Choose your unit size online or in person. Check out our size estimator to see how much space you’re likely to need.

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Madeline’s Story

When the house in Dun Laoghaire in which I was staying was being prepared for sale, I needed to store boxes of personal items and searched the internet for available places. Storage World was close to the city centre and the quote I received was very competitive in comparison to others.

Having never had to use storage facilities before, I was very nervous about what was involved – capacity, access etc. Every query was answered quickly and fully and the customer service was absolutely excellent.

Madeline O’Brien, Donnybrook.