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Everyday Item, or Crock of Gold?

Oct 18 2015

An antique: something that was once en vogue and produced for high demand and has since ceased production, limiting the number available for future populations.

Many people have heard stories of what people have had lying around their homes making them thousands and even 6-figure sums. Mundane and apparently everyday items may have an insane value to other people!

So what separates an antique from common household junk? How to know whether you are the lucky possessor of such an item of worth? What could you buy now that may bring huge returns in years to come? We have looked into some of the scenarios whereby people have made big sums from everyday items and have put together a few tips for finding your crock of gold!

Unfortunately, it may be for the next generation that something you now possess will come to earn high values. How and ever, the first step to providing a nest egg for future generations may be to buy good quality items relating to the current decade. Items that can be enjoyed in the here and now may go on to provide grand wealth for generations to come.

One option may be to start a collection. Collectables are a lucrative business. It is a good idea to decide what it is you are going to collect. That way, by building up a consortium it is more likely that you may have procured something of value. There are a huge number of items to choose from, we recommend choosing something that is popular right now.

We recommend keeping records of all purchases, including the date and place of purchase, the reasons for purchase – for example interesting design or a unique aspect, and also any pertinent serial numbers or barcodes. Some of the product information, including information on the manufacturer and original receipts, can also add value to the item in time.

So what items are likely to gain such value with time?! We have put together a short list of everyday items that all of us have at home, that we reckon would be a good idea to hold onto!

Wine. “Gets better with age”, as they say. Have a look at our previous blog post: How To Store Wine, for some tips on keeping your wine from going off.

Toys. Harry Potter, Lego, robots. Toys hold a great feeling of nostalgia for many, they tug at the heart strings! Many people will splash out for a taste of the past.


Mobile phones. Yes, one day an iPhone is going to be old news and will become an antique. Hold onto old models, we reckon they will be set to fetch great sums.

Comic books. They are largely becoming a thing of the past. Any editions you can get your hands on should be held onto! Comic books have been known to fetch significant sums at auction – just give them 20-30 years to mature!

Branded goods. Many luxury branded handbags and watches do not depreciate, rather their value increases exponentially with time.

If you reckon you have something with the potential to have great value in the future, you need to look after it! Keep it safe and secure in a self storage unit – where it can age gracefully and will be safe from damage!