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How to Declutter your Home

Jul 24 2017

At Storage World, we know that a large proportion of customers use self storage facilities for personal and home storage. For those of you that find you are living in a busy environment with little to no space for new things, as well as having difficulties with locating things when you need them, it is probably fair to say that your house is cluttered. If you think that your home storage could do with a revamp then keep reading.

Some of the rooms most likely to be cluttered in a home are a spare bedroom, an office and a living room. You may also have an attic or garage. It is highly likely that the space in these areas is not being put to good use. It is, therefore, a good idea to focus on these areas first before targeting the rest of the home. Have a look around the room and consider the storage that you have in the room and what you are using to store stuff in. Are there piles of things on the floor? Are there items pushed into corners or behind furniture? This is fine if it doesn’t bother you, but changing the way you store some of your items will not only give you extra space in your rooms but will also make your home more aesthetically pleasing.

Tidy Up Excess Items

If you have identified excess items, you have two choices:

  1. Improve the storage in your home
  2. Move this extra stuff for storage outside of your home

To improve the storage in your home you will need to invest in some storage solutions. If you’re looking for a quick win then IKEA is the place to go. The store has the best range when it comes to improving the storage in your home, with every conceivable storage solution available from units with drawers to shelves and rails to God knows what else.

If you do not want to invest in new furniture or storage units then an easy way to improve storage in a room is to simply purchase cardboard storage boxes. You can never have too many storage boxes in your home and it is amazing the difference that placing loose items together in a box can make. Your room will appear less cluttered and it will also be easier to find items when you come to look for them. Good places to conceal storage boxes in your home are hot presses, bathrooms, in closets or under beds.

For storage outside of your home, you can decide to rent a storage space or build your own storage unit.

Rent Storage Space

An extremely effective way of improving your home storage for once and for all is by renting your own personal storage from a self storage facility. This is especially ideal for storing items that you do not require on a day-to-day basis but that may take up considerable space in your home. Some examples of what might be especially suitable for a storage unit are seasonal clothing, decorations, sporting equipment, luggage, spare furniture – to name but a few!

Moving this excess stuff to a self storage unit instantly frees up extra living space that can be enjoyed by all of the family. It is very quick and painless to do. All you need to do is sort all of the things you want to move out of your home and gather them together. By doing this, you can more easily appreciate the size of unit you will require. Many storage companies come with a size estimator so you can get a good idea of the type of unit that would best suit you. The great thing about renting storage space is that there are no contracts and no lease – so you can end your rental whenever you want.

What Next?

Now that you’ve decluttered your home there are so many uses for the new space created. For instance, you may now be able to have guests to stay in your spare bedroom, or you may want to convert the attic you have decluttered into a new room!