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Pets I: Living With Pets In Your Home

Jan 06 2017

Are you living with pets in your home? Or maybe you are considering getting a pet for your home? Pets demand lots of time and space in a home and so we have put some time into preparing two blog posts that aim to provide solutions to storage in your home when pets are involved. We have done some research to show you ways to ensure your pets do not take over your home as well as which pets are best suited to living indoors.

Particularly if you are apartment-living with pets, you have no choice but for them to live indoors. Energetic pets like cats and dogs do not fare well in a cluttered and messy environment. Nor do fragile and delicate objects fare well when pets are around!

living with pets in your home

In general, if your pets are energetic it is important to secure your home. Both to protect your own fragile items as well as protecting your pets from harm. Fragile decorative objects are a no-no if living with animals that can climb and jump. This rules out objects such as vases and ornaments if you have spritely canines or large dogs with strong wagging tails! It is a good idea to pack up ornaments and breakables and place them in secure storage until you are confident that a young puppy has less expendable energy.

Soft furnishings make great chew toys for cats and dogs alike. In order to avoid loosing precious cushions or rugs to terrorising pets, it may be a good idea to remove many of these items. Wood or hard flooring is a lot easier to manage with pets indoors and also does not trap odours.

A messy cluttered home is also not a good environment for a curious pet. With lots of stuff on the floor a curious pet can have a field day amongst your things! Installing shelves is a good idea to keep items and appliances off the ground.

Odours can be a big issue when living with pets in your home. Experts recommend brushing your pet everyday to remove dead skin and hair and prevent it from shedding on furniture. Baking soda is also great for eliminating odours. Not only is it cost effective, it is easy to use. Sprinkle on carpets and furnishings and allow to sit for a couple of hours before vacuuming to lift out odours. Aside from these tips, the only other thing that can be done to alleviate smells is to wash soft furnishings regularly and to toilet train your pet!

living with pets in your home

You may wish to restrict your pets from accessing certain areas of your home. This also helps to contain odours. Clearing out a closet or a small cubby hole in your home for your pets to sleep in may be a good option. This gives your pets their own area and may keep them from sleeping on furniture. If you have a stairs it is also a good idea to get a childproof gate for the top or bottom. If you won’t be home during the day it is important to contain your pets as it prevents odours from travelling around your home.

In our next blog post we will have advice for those of you who are looking to get a pet for your home, including what you need to consider and what pet might be best suited for your home.