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Making Small Changes For Long Term Results

Apr 04 2017

Feeling like your house or workplace has become out of control? Are you overwhelmed with with stuff and mess? Don’t know where to begin? This is the case for lots of people, especially in this day and age when time is of the essence and it is difficult to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Storage and organisation can fall by the wayside.

Have you tried to do something about it? Have you tried to approach organisation? Are you failing to achieve organisation?? It is something that needs to be incorporated into your psyche! It is not just a once off activity.

Doing a spring clean of your home or office should not mean that the place falls back into disarray soon after.  We have put together some small changes that you can take on board to ensure that your spring clean lasts all year round.

small changes

Firstly, we recommend allocating 15 minutes per day to tidying and organisation of your home or office. This ensures that the task of organising a space never becomes overwhelming. During this 15 mins take the time to replace things into drawers and shelves.

Invest in some more storage solutions. You can never have enough boxes, containers or shelves for your things. Loose items create an atmosphere of clutter. For organisation to take root in your life some investments are worthwhile. Whether that be installing shelves, buying storage containers or even renting a self storage unit, organisation can not be maintained in a place that looks cluttered or is lacking in storage options.

When it comes to the workplace, do not leave the office before organising paperwork and finishing filing. Not only will this improve organisation and productivity, it will save time each morning at work and will also prevent mistakes.

Another small habit that you can try to adopt into your life is to always discard waste and items that you know longer require. In the office, documents for shredding should be put out right away. At home, read newspapers and magazines, for example, should be discarded straight away and shouldn’t be allowed to accumulate.

The main requirement is a change in mindset. Once these small changes become adopted as daily lifestyle habits you will find that all aspects of your life become more organised. They will lead the way for larger changes in your life. As we have already outlined in a previous blog post, the impact of organisation in a person’s life can be profound. If you’d like to read more on this you can here.

Remember it just takes 21 days to make a habit! To ensure habit forming behaviours why not place a reminder on your phone or in your diary to ensure the 15 minutes of tidying and organisation takes place daily. It requires a conscious effort to begin with until you can make organisation a habit!