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Making You Organised

Jan 22 2016

We have done some research into the habits of the organised! So what does an organised home really look like some of you may be wondering?! Is it really possible to always be able to find your keys when you need them?! By talking to proud storage unit renters home owners we have come up with some tips to help those of you who made need the advice!

Organised people seem to have their lives on track, their heads on their shoulders, and like many other traits this all begins in the home!! Ever walked into a friend’s home and it just appears completely flawless? – everything has it’s own spot, carefully put away with nothing looking out of place.

Being organised doesn’t come naturally to everyone. It’s our job to help you become the envy of your friends and relatives! Being organised is a habit and it can be learned! It may take some effort to begin with, but with some commitment it will become second nature.

We are the organisation experts – our goal is to de-clutter your home! Keep reading and try your best to incorporate these tips into your lifestyle.


Routine. Having daily routines can help you know where everything is. As well as saving time, it will make you become tidier, you will not leave as much of a mess behind you. Some things you can do to help get into a daily routine: leave your clothes for the next day out the night before, place keys and important items you need each day in specific locations.

When you take something out, put it away after. This will also save cleaning up later.

Lists. The key to the successful organisation of many. Keeping to-do lists means you won’t forget that the kids need to be picked up from school on the way to get the dry cleaning!

Organised people do not do clutter! They cut down on their belongings, minimising their things to essentials. This helps to find things when they are needed. It also gives your home a more open and minimalist feel which is attractive and modern. Sort through piles of papers in your office and get rid of anything you do not need. By keeping piles to a minimum you will become more efficient and begin to get tasks finished more quickly, without that daunting stack of papers towering over your desk!

Goals. As well as making lists, it is important to achieve those things on the list within a certain time frame. Get things done. If you plan to re-tile your bathroom before the end of February or clean your windows before your child’s Communion, then you can be sure to do it.

Prioritise. It is a fact that some things in life are more important than others. Organised people understand this fact and make plans accordingly.

15 minutes each day should be set aside for cleaning. When done little and often it does not become an overwhelming task. You will quickly see that your house remains in better condition and tasks do not build up.

Take the first step to having an organised home by de-cluttering. A self storage unit is a great option for those things you do not need everyday but are not willing to part with permanently. Start the clear-out today – the rest of your life will follow!