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Why the Need for Self Storage?

Aug 15 2016

Why the need for self storage? – theories as to why we have more stuff we need storing than we did before! 

There are a number of theories as to why the self storage industry is taking off worldwide. In this blog post we are going to look at some of these theories and see what the reason behind the boom of this industry is.

Self storage is not something that existed less than a century ago. It is a very young industry, but it has experienced exponential growth. Why?


To meet the demands of a mobile society? – People are no longer growing up somewhere, getting a job there, settling down there, raising a family in the same place and allowing the cycle to continue. Conversely, most people do not settle down in their native town or home place, with college and work and a desire to travel taking people further away from their home places than ever before. Society today is fluid, and mobile – and their stuff needs to be too!

It is commonplace for young professionals to take 6 or 12 month contracts in widespread locations. In these instance their lives also must become mobile. Without permanence in their living arrangements, they are less likely to bring large volumes of stuff and belongings from place to place – but where are the rest of their things supposed to go?!


We have less regard for items than times gone by? This is certainly a plausible explanation for the growth of the self storage industry in this century. Our belongings in this day and age are manufactured to break down, they have shorter lifespans than items crafted hundreds of years ago. The shorter lifespan of items means that they require regular replacement, which can lead to an accumulation of items with similar functions.

With supermarkets and retail chainstores offering goods at significantly lower prices, and often lower quality than before, people can fall into the trap of gathering volumes of items, rather than a small number of items of value and durability, hence leading to a requirement for extra storage space.


We are hoarders? It is almost human nature to savour things and not throw things away. Nobody likes to part with things, particularly when they are of sentimental value. For lots of people, this often means that whole closets and attics of their homes are dedicated to holding items that they almost never use but are not willing to get rid of.

With increasing prices on the housing market, every bit of space counts, especially when it comes to city living. Although people do not wish to part with their items, they no longer have space for them in their own homes.




We have too much stuff? We live our lives in excess. We all have far more than we need. And fantastic shops like Penneys make it difficult for us all to stop picking up useless and unnecessary items! These items accumulate over time until a house can become filled with clutter – and all of this clutter needs to go somewhere!


We are smarter? Self storage is a genius solution to the problems of excess, mobility and rising house prices in our society. More and more people are realising its existence and are taking advantage of what this industry has to offer – convenience, organisation and safety.

So be smart and give it a go! See what all the fuss is about.