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Self Storage for the Travel Bug

Sep 08 2016

The Instagram generation is certainly fuelling a huge drive to travel and explore the world. Thousands of young people leave Ireland each year to spend weeks, months or even years abroad, experiencing all that the world has to offer! Travel is a truly enriching experience for all those who are privileged enough to engage in it. Therefore, we at Storage World firmly believe that there should be nothing holding you back from your travel dreams. As leaving your day-to-day mundane life behind can come with lots of hassle and obstructions, we aim to provide here some advice with regards to leaving a home or rental accommodation for a prolonged period, as well as what to do with your belongings while you are away.


You may be lucky enough to be young with nothing tying you down – no rental leases, no mortgage, no partner and no important career (yet!). It is still very likely that you have lots of belongings that need to go somewhere, and that perhaps you do have a rental lease.

While terminating your rental agreement may seem like a good option, and certainly pocket-friendly, it is something that you should carefully consider before choosing to do so. The housing crisis around the country at the moment is making it increasingly difficult to source rental accommodation, and particularly rental accommodation and a somewhat reasonable price. If you are lucky enough to have a decent setup then you should really think twice before abandoning it! – especially if you are planning to return home within the year.


Subletting your room in a rental accommodation is always an option, although you must ensure that your flatmates are okay with this scenario and also that you are not breaching any terms of your lease agreement by doing so. By having a renter in your accommodation for an agreed length of time, you will have virtually no costs back at home, and you will not have the stress of having to find accommodation again when you return – which as we all know is a nightmare at the moment!! In order to make this arrangement more attractive for a subletter, we recommend clearing out all of your belongings from your accommodation – especially if you are going to be away for a number of months. A self storage unit is a very good option for storing your things while you are away. Although it may look like a tonne of stuff, if you are just clearing belongings from one bedroom it is likely that all you will require is a locker or very small unit to store this stuff – it is amazing how much can be fit into these small-looking spaces! If you’d like to get an idea of what size of unit you may require why not check our Size Estimator.

Travel is expensive. Renting accommodation or owning a home is also expensive. Oftentimes the urge to travel is never satisfied as a result of financial issues. Of course, it is not a privilege that everyone will be able to enjoy at certain times in their life, but if the time is right you should do all you can to balance the books and follow your dreams!

self storage for the travel

In relation to budgeting for the trip, that is probably beyond the scope of Storage World services! – although we would recommend using your social media platforms when doing your research. Learning from those who have done similar trips that you have planned is the best way to plan your travels, so try to source honest and down-to-earth travel blogs – they really do give great advice.

Bon Voyage!