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Storage for the Collector

Aug 12 2015

An intriguing pastime and passion for many is collecting things. This is also a hobby which tends to require a lot of space, with it’s habit for increasing in size with proud owners reluctant to part with treasured pieces of their collections.

Collectors take extreme pride in their extensive collections of valuable and one of a kind pieces, gathered throughout the years, time and money spent travelling to roadshows and expeditions acquiring new specimens to enhance their agglomeration.

Many collectors showcase their impressive collections for the enjoyment of others, with roadshows taking place across the country and beyond, their treasure gets hauled from place to place and must remain in impeccable condition to retain its value and charm.

A collection is a life’s work – be it stamps, dolls, motorbikes or memorabilia – it is extremely valuable, not only in monetary terms but also with regard to the memories behind each piece.



Some examples of popular collections and their value:

Dolls: One of the most popular collector’s item, there are even clubs and magazines directed at doll collectors. Dolls in their original packaging, with their original accessories fetch a higher price at auction, with one 1965 “Midnight Red Barbie” fetching £9,000 at auction! The doll originally cost a mere £3 when first going on sale in 1959! Might be time to search the attic in your parents place for remnants of your sister’s Barbie collection!

Beatles Memorabilia: Some of the most sought after collections on the planet! With pretty much everything linked to them now a collectable, it may be worthwhile to search through old CDs to get them valued!

Cereal Boxes: Highly collectible due to their nostalgic value and ever-changing designs. Head to the supermarket now and search for anything limited edition or designed to mark a momentous event! Unopened boxes and boxes with the original toy inside fetch the highest prices. The highest priced UK cereal box to date is a 1966 Shredded Wheat, sold at auction for £600!

And oddly enough – airplane sick bags are apparently becoming all the rage in the collectors world – one Dutch collector having over 2,000 in his collection…


It’s easy to see how a large and ever-expanding collection can outgrow the confines of your spare room or garage! And a passion is not something that should be dampened by something as trivial as a lack of space!

A self storage facility is an ideal investment for the collector. Not only is it very reasonably priced to rent a unit, but it ensures your collection is safe and remains in excellent condition.

Environmental control: The result of keeping your collection in boxes in a non-climate controlled garage is rust, rot and damp. This damages the quality and value of your collection, value that cannot be replaced. All self storage units are environmentally controlled to prevent rot and damage.

24-hour CCTV and intruder alarms means your collection is always safe.

Easy access to your collection at our city centre location with free onsite parking means on the morning of a fair or show you can easily load up your things. Your collection can be removed and replaced whenever you please.

On site storage specialists can advise on how best to store these rare and invaluable items, to ensure optimum preservation.