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The Four Ds

Aug 13 2016

The Four Ds: Death, Divorce, Dislocation and Density are concepts commonly associated with self storage unit rental. And while this may lead to self storage becoming associated with times of distress, despair and change in a person’s life, we like to think of it as how the self storage industry can come to your aid in times of need!

In this blog post we are going to tease out why these life changing moments often lead to acquiring a self storage unit, and why it’s not all doom and gloom in the self storage industry!

Death. With the populations of the Western World becoming older, death rates are higher and are surpassing birth rates in almost all all countries of the Developed World. Death is a time of great distress and grief. The deceased person’s belongings are a huge burden for those left behind. They are memories, they take up lots of space, they may not want to be gotten rid of but on the other hand they cannot be stored in the loved-one’s home.

This is where the self storage industry comes in, to provide relief from the struggle of parting with items of value, both sentimental and monetary. With our ageing populations, there is an increasing need for this service.

Divorce. An unpleasant time for a household, and certainly a time when a storage unit can come to aid when belongings are being sorted and rationed. But while divorce rates are on the rise, so too are marriages. The merging of two households is also a common cause for renting a self storage unit, so that duplicates and excesses of items can be stored safely.

Dislocation. This term refers to the movement of people and households. In this day and age our societies are much more mobile than they ever have been. With moving out of the home beginning for many when starting college, there are also situations such as moving for work, moving to start a family, downsizing, upsizing and lots of other reasons why people move! The distances people are moving are also greater than they have been in previous times. A self storage unit makes total sense in these situations.

Density. With cities becoming much more densely populated, rental prices are increasing and the sizes of homes are decreasing. Self-storage is a simple way to expand one’s household and free up extra space for living. An easy example of how a self storage unit can be used in these cases is rotating seasonal items in and out of a storage unit as the weather changes.


Self storage units are not bleak and depressing places filled with the heartbroken and the downtrodden. On the contrary, the bright and colourful facilities attract people who are making changes in their lives. Many are uplifted, many are surely struggling but are making gains and improvements by taking a step towards improvement and recovery.

The process of storage of items relating to life events can be healing and empowering. We have met many brave and courageous people mixed in with the small business owners and home owners that we regularly see on our doorstep.

Forever an interesting experience, with human encounters each and everyday, we love our job here at Storage World, and are delighted that we can help in a small way!