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Travelling to the Euros

Jun 13 2016

With the kick-off of the long anticipated Euros taking place this weekend, we have put together a blog post packed with tips for all the Irish fans travelling over for any of the matches or to participate in any of the festivities.

This blog post will focus on essential info that you need to know for your trip, handy tips that will make all the difference when you get out there! At Storage World, we aim to make your life easier – read on and see how this applies to Euro 2016!

Irish fans can be expected to see a lot of France if you are heading over for more than one match, with games taking place in Paris, Bordeaux and Lille, and  hundreds of kilometres separating these cities. We have researched some travelling tips for the month in France, that are sure to be helpful if you are following the team around the country:

Driving is on the right side of the road, make sure to take it easy for the first day or two if this is a new experience for you. The speed limit on motorways is 130 km/hr.

Petrol shortages are likely to become a problem. We suggest filling your tank as often as possible and not risking waiting till your tank runs low to find a gas station. Carrying a jerry can of fluid on board when you set off for a long journey may be a good idea, although caution must be taken when carrying fuel in your vehicle.

Tolls are quite expensive, for example the toll from Paris to Bordeaux is about 40Euro – so make sure to budget for these also.

A handy tip if travelling by car rather than van and without a roof rack, is to head for the credit payment queue at tolls– this will allow you to avoid the long cash queues and get a head of the traffic.

Factor long delays into your journeys. Expect for travel to take longer. If you need to get to a train or a plane make sure to leave extra time for queues, traffic and delays.


Some essentials you must pack:

Having a photocopy of your passport in your luggage and one back home with a friend or family member really is a good idea when you’re travelling abroad in general, but especially for this trip when security is tight and a lost or stolen passport may be a much bigger issue. All supporters are asked to carry their identification with them at all times, and you will definitely be asked to produce it. Another handy idea is to scan a copy of your passport to your email and email it also to a friend or family member, then it is always easily to hand on a smartphone.

You can pay for almost anything with your credit card in France, so rather than carrying wads of cash, your credit card is safer, lighter and easier to carry around.

Suncream, because let’s face it, Irish skin is not built to withstand intense heat or sunlight!

Make sure there is plenty of water on board your vehicle. Dehydration will occur due to the heat, and of course the craic.

Keep luggage to a minimum, to ensure space in the boot for sleeping!!

An Irish Flag.  Be as creative as possible here. We have spotted some excellent ones on social media, including a Teresa Mannion-inspired one! – and you never know you might even feature on TV!

An assortment of international football jerseys – of course you’ll want an Irish one, but have a root in the attic, classic jerseys will be cool for between matches and are sure to grab the attention of other international fans.

Your Leaving Cert French dictionary….

Download apps that run offline. These will come in handy for maps, entertainment for long journeys and much more and will save of data roaming charges. Search “offline apps” on the Appstore to see what is available.

Euro 2016 Sticker Book– a must for all of you who are kids at heart. These are actually very popular over in at the Championships!

A sense of humour! This will be a long trip with plenty of headaches and torturous journeys!


Security is one issue hanging over these Championships, and although it is not something that should dampen spirits, just be aware of your surroundings. The French government have launched an app to alert and track any attacks on the country during the Euros. It is recommended that everyone download this app to have it to hand.

It is recommended to register with the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA). The DFA has launched a Be on the Ball campaign – all info on this can be found on their website and it is advised to familiarise yourself with this before travelling and to keep contact details for the DFA to hand.



Leaving your home for a month? Why not clear out your stuff, place it in a self storage unit, enlist the help of a neighbour or friend, and rent your house/apartment on Airbnb?! Very feasible and it may even cover the cost of your trip! Definitely something worth thinking about!