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Leaving Cert Holiday Packing Tips

Jun 28 2016

Teenagers all over the country are relishing in the delights of freedom after completing the emotional marathon that is the Leaving Cert. The LC holiday season is upon us, with holiday destinations and resorts all over Spain filling up with 18-year old Irish school kids from the length and breadth of the country. If you have just finished your leaving cert you deserve the holiday of a lifetime! It was torture – we know – but you now have your whole life ahead of you – and you need to start it with a bang! Watch out Santa Ponsa, Magaluf, Ayia Napa – they’re coming!

A rite of passage for many, the LC holiday comes upon the student in a flurry of excitement and euphoria after the final days of exams and is a time full of disarray and disorganisation. This is the first holiday for many without the supervision and organisation of a parent or guardian, and as well as that it is a hectic time for the student. It is for these reasons that crucial items are often forgotten and packing is generally highly disorganised. 

What you pack is important – we are the organisation specialists and have come to the aid of all leaving cert holidayers out there! In this blog post we have put together a list of commonly forgotten and crucial items to ensure a great trip for LC students. Here they are:

A medicine box. Plasters for the battered and bruised legs from dancing on tables as well as some simple medicines for common ailments will go a long way. Don’t forget to include insect repellent and of course after sun!

Sun cream. For Heavens’ sake please realise that you are Irish. Trust us when we say you won’t want to spend the week in the apartment with sunstroke so stock up on factor 50 before travelling! Be prepared to leave paler than you arrived for the daylight hours will become an immense effort come day 3…

Hand sanitiser and makeup remover wipes. Easy to pack and will have endless uses! Apart from personal hygiene purposes, these products can double-up as cleaning products and will come in handy to give the apartment a quick wipe down before settling in! Make-up remover wipes are also brilliant at removing stains from clothing and will save trips to washing machines and allow your favourite top or shorts to be re-worn over again!

– Avoid Ryanair’s extortionate overweight baggage charges and pack sensibly. As much as you may think so, you will not need 5 pairs of heels. Believe it or not you will wear flat sandals on all of your nights out – they are much more comfortable and practical – trust us!

Do not bring valuables. Leave anything you would not wish to lose behind. This is a lethal place to misplace items as well as having them stolen. If there is a safe in your room make use of it and store your wallet and passport in it at all times. If at all possible bring a second form of ID for the clubs to save bringing your passport on the night out.

A portable charger. So that you may never run out of selfie opportunities! But also so that you can ensure you are always contactable and safe. It is important to make sure that your mobile phone is charged at all times in case you find yourself in trouble.

Adapters. Bring as many as possible, many people will forget these.

County colours and flags. Trust us on this one.

– And now for something adult-y – make sure that you have travel insurance. Unfortunately there are often accidents on this type of holiday. Make sure you check your policy also – many will not cover accidents that occur while under the influence of alcohol.

With foam parties, fish bowls, water parks and group henna tattoos to come – it’s all ahead of you for your LC holiday – make the most of it – it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Finally, LC holidayers generally gather in cheap destinations with a beach, a pool and a strip of nightclubs. These places make the ideal holiday destination for the 18 year old partier so please note: avoid these destinations if you are looking for a family holiday during the coming weeks!!