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School’s Out for Summer!

Jul 13 2015

summerSchool’s out! Much to the “joy” of parents around the country! Have a child who’s just finished the leaving cert? Finished secondary school for good?

Have lots of expensive school books and uniform supplies and nowhere to store them?

With back to school costs being highly talked of in the media of late, and claims of  400-500 euro being spent per child on average each September, it would seem like a massive waste to dump everything at the end of the school year, especially if everything is in good condition.


The following are some options for getting rid of used school gear:

Self storage: If there are younger siblings coming along behind there’s a good chance that lots of the school books and uniform will be reusable. Renting a self storage unit is a handy idea to free up space in your home which is also gentle on the pocket. With many a home heaving with kids to-ing and fro-ing for the coming months, it is likely that space will be at a premium as it is!

Also all of the hard work and meticulous notes should not be thrown away lightly! And could be of huge benefit to a sibling or friend in future.

Donate your books to your school: Many schools have a programme where old school books can be donated after they’re finished with and redistributed to students in the school. This is a great way to “give back” to your school establishment and a welcome gift to other parents who won’t have to fork out large sums for brand new books.

Sell them: Books can be worth a lot, depending on condition. Get some of your money back at the end of the school year and it could be put toward college supplies, or handy for the sixth year holiday!

If you don’t have any more children coming along it may be an idea to find out if any neighbours will be heading to the same school. A second-hand uniform wouldn’t be likely to be worth a lot if sold, but may be worth a huge amount to an incoming student who is starting from scratch. Plus uniform is bulky and takes up a lot of space so it’s a good idea to get rid of it if possible.

Or a popular choice among students: Burn them!