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Self Storage for your Small Business

Sep 24 2016

In previous posts on this blog, we have shown you a vast array of ways that you can use your self storage unit from – providing a way to create space in your home for a yoga studio, a new baby or an Airbnb business, to giving a helping hand in times of crisis. Now we want to outline another way that self storage units are being used, and that is for running a small business.

In this blog post we will outline what types of business in particular work well from a self storage unit, how you can run your business from a self storage unit, and the advantages of using self storage for your small business. We aim to highlight what the self storage industry has to offer you as a small business owner and how best to use it for the operation and success of your business.


Firstly, there is a vast array of businesses that may benefit from the use of a self storage unit, particularly part time and weekend businesses, such as traders such as market stall owners, artists, freelance beauticians, nail technicians and makeup artists. Online business owners, when having a showroom or shopfront is not necessary, are also reaping the benefits of self storage units, as are seasonal or novelty businesses such as customised clothing and seasonal costumes and gifts – to name but a few! There may be many different types of businesses that may benefit from the use of a self storage unit, so when deciding if it may be suitable for your business there are a few things that you should consider. Food and perishables are not a good idea for self storage. Also careful consideration should be made when attempting to store delicate items, particularly if you will be moving them in and out of the unit regularly – we advise having bubblewrap and newspaper in plentiful supply!


A self storage unit can be used instead of renting an expensive office space or space in a business park. You can chose the size of space that suits your business and merchandise requirements, you can also upscale or downscale the size of your unit with ease. For an online business, your product can be stored in your self storage unit until you need to fill an order, when you can access your unit with ease, and remove your product for postage to your customer. For part time business operators, your equipment or merchandise can be collected whenever you wish. Easy access to the premises means that deliveries of goods to your unit can be facilitated easily, making the self storage unit an ideal place to fulfil orders and store merchandise for deliveries.

The advantages of using a self storage unit for your business are many. If an online business outgrows the confines of your spare room or garage, or you’re fed up of sacrificing space in your home for your business, a self storage unit may be a great idea. Self storage unit rental is cheaper than office space rental on average, and the size can be tailored to your requirements so that you are not paying for more than you need. A self storage unit does not come with a lease agreement, and is therefore something that you can try without having to commit to a long term rental. Easy access to city centre locations and long access hours mean that you can always reach your merchandise when you need to, and also means that deliveries can easily be met on site. You can rest assured in the knowledge that your merchandise will always be safe and secure in your self storage unit, with 24-hour CCTV surveillance and intruder alarms as standard for our units. A self storage facility is a friendly environment to visit regularly with an opportunity to meets lots of different people!

We hope that this blog post has provided an outline for how to go about moving your small business to a self storage unit and is something you may consider in the future.

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