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5 Storage Solutions for Decluttering Your Home Office

Nov 08 2017

When it comes to getting your work-life balance in order, why not start with your home office? The home office is the type of space that has a tendency to become very cluttered at a rapid rate. If you operate a home-based business or work from your home office, this is where you store important files & documentation and keep track of bookkeeping. Even if you make use of your home office solely for personal administrative reasons, such as household financial management, ease of access to such files is key. It therefore becomes clear that your home office is often the epicentre of activity within the family household.

Although there be varying styles in the shape, size and function of a home office, the storage solutions always remain the same.  The simple tips outlined below will help to provide a guide in making the most out of your home office space. At the end of the day, when your home office is well-organised, it makes it much easier to concentrate and be productive, as well as to make far more efficient use of your time on a day-to-day basis.

  1. Know What to Keep out of Your Office
  2. A fundamental rule to follow for effective storage in your home office is this; if it is not current, store it somewhere else. The home office should only be for projects and matters that you are dealing with at the moment or that fall within this calendar year. Boxes with out-of-date tax returns or old bills and invoices for example, should be stored elsewhere. A personal self-storage unit is an ideal solution for this overflow of documentation.

  3. Office Storage Shelves
  4. If your home office floor space is becoming hazardous and clogged up with paperwork, shelves are the ideal solution. There are many different styles available, and choosing one of these shelves to suit your storage needs is very important to take into consideration. From floating shelves to industrial sized shelves, it’s important to choose the style and model that accommodates your storage needs, as well as keeping clutter to a minimum.

  5. Filing Cabinets
  6. Investing in a filing cabinet is an easy and efficient way to free up space in your home office. However, having the filing cabinet alone is not enough. It is essential to have an efficient filing system to organise your files. Simply just tossing in the paperwork will defeat the entire purpose as items will get misplaced or damaged. Your filing system can be alphabetical, by subject matter, numerical – whatever is most efficient for you. A good trick is to have hanging folders as sub dividers for your paperwork to save you from rummaging around when trying to get your hands on a document!

  7. Drawer and Desk Organiser
  8. The desk is the focal point of any home office, so it is vital to keep it as uncluttered and organised as possible. A drawer and desk organizer can be the solution to keep track of all those loose pieces of paper that have a tendency to go missing when you need them most! Another tip to avoid clutter and mess is to store away any loose items before you finish work that evening, so you can begin the next morning with a clear space.

  9. Limit Cable Clutter
  10. Often find yourself stumbling over a mass of wires and cables trying to get to your office desk? Majority of the time, do you even know what these cables are for?! Get rid of any old electronic devices that you no longer use to reduce this problem. The use of wireless devices such as a laptop, keyboard and printer, is another way to confine the tripping hazard.

The fundamental key to achieving optimum home office storage efficiency is definitely ease of access to the items that you use on a regular, day-to-day basis. With a tidy, well-organised home office space, you will eliminate both physical and mental clutter from your life.