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5 Things to do Before Moving House

Nov 14 2017

The thought of moving house can be a daunting one! The upheaval and chaos are enough to challenge even the most robust of nerves! According to Christine Winning, founder of Corporate Care Relocationpreparing to move house can be “one of the most stressful events a person goes through”.

The days of swiftly moving from one house to another within the same day are far behind us. With so many important things to remember and take into consideration, it is clear that organisation and planning are key to make the moving process less arduous and overwhelming. Here are some clever tricks and tips to take the hassle out of the ‘in-between’ part of the moving process.


    1. External Storage Solutions

      If you’re looking to find a place for those beloved items that you’re not quite ready to part with yet, but at the same time don’t want them cluttering up your new home, a self-storage unit is the way to go! When it comes to those memorable photo albums or precious trinkets that have been in the family for years, a storage unit is a perfect solution to safely stash irreplaceable items at a low cost. 

      There are no contracts tied to renting storage units – rent for as long or as short a period of time as you like. They can be particularly useful if downsizing by offering a place to store bulkier items that may not fit in your new home, but you’re still not ready to part with just yet!


    1. Planning and Research

      Now that operation moving house is well and truly underway, it’s important to wrap your mind around the logistics. You don’t just want to start firing things into boxes sporadically! Diligent planning is key. Firstly, investigate moving companies. They are notorious for getting booked out months in advance, especially around the peak times for moving – December, January and Easter.

      It is vital to meet with the moving company and go through the costs carefully – you don’t need the added stress of any hidden charges when the bill arrives! A good moving company will have all the packing materials to do the job right and to also ensure nothing gets damaged in the process. 


    1. Order Moving Supplies

      Although storage boxes are essential in the moving process, they can also provide a convenient solution for storing things in your home before the actual moving date. You will invariably need a range of different sized cardboard storage boxes depending on the item. In order to avoid chaos, make sure to clearly label each box. Putting items of the same category into each box is also helpful to avoid things getting lost in transit – e.g. labelling a box ‘Kitchen Supplies’

      Of course, you don’t want your current house to be swimming in a flood of brown boxes. To solve this, why not try getting creative with where you store them – you’d be surprised with the hidden storage spaces already in your home. Under the bed, the hot press – as the saying goes – out of sight, out of mind!


    1. Packing your clothes

      When the time comes around to start packing up your wardrobe, you know the big day is looming! However, the gravity of such a task is often underrated. It is important to invest in sturdy and solid suitcases. Although a laborious task, take the time to carefully and neatly fold your clothes to make the process of unpacking them as seamless as possible. Don’t forget to leave out a few reliable outfits to see you through to the end of the week!


  1. The Moving Day

    The day has finally arrived – you’re moving into your dream home! It’ll be a breeze knowing that you have it planned so thoroughly. One key thing to remember is to get the movers to take away the packing materials with them. Try and rope in as many people as possible on the day, regardless of their reluctance – family, friends, parents. With a good support team around you on the day, it will reduce the stress that bit more!