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5 Tips For Packing To Travel

Jun 15 2017

With summer officially upon us, many of you will be escaping the dreary weather here in Ireland for much sunnier shores in the coming weeks and months.

One of the least anticipated aspects of a holiday is generally the dreaded chore of packing! Many people find packing to be time-consuming and stressful and often find that they have packed too much or too little or even forgotten necessary items for their holiday.

What you pack and how you pack are essential in order to ensure that your holiday is as stress free as possible. Your packing is important and in this blog post we will set out how to pack efficiently and effectively for your particular holiday.

1. How to pack

There are varying opinions on this matter. Some people like to lay their clothes flat, some folded. However, the best recommendation is to consider rolling your clothes as it is thought to be the most space-efficient way to pack. Not only does this method increase the space available in your suitcase, but also your clothes will be less creased upon arrival!

Pack shoes and heavier items to the edges of the case. Underwear and smaller garments should also be placed down the edges of the case to ensure space in your case is optimised. If you will be travelling for weeks or months it might be a good idea to compartmentalise your clothing. Large ziploc bags or vaccum packed bags are a great way to segregate your clothes and makes frequent packing and unpacking of your case much easier.

2. What to pack

Make a list – consider the activities you may be doing and the places you may be visiting in order to pack appropriately.

When packing clothes, consider how many days you are travelling for. How many outfits will you require per day? Try to loosely organise these in advance. That way you are less likely to over or under-pack. You should also consider whether you will have access to washing facilities during your holiday, you may then be able to recycle clothes on a longer trip.

Many people forget some important items when packing, so remember to pack the following:

  • Adapters
  • Passport
  • Suncream

Medications, as well as a list of any prescription medications in case of any ill health while abroad should also be packed.

In relation to toiletries, if you will be staying in a hotel or Airbnb, many of these will have everything you need. Pack toiletries in small plastic bags to save the rest of your stuff in case something leaks! Toiletries are heavy so it may be a good idea to enquire what will be available at your destination to avoid adding extra weight to your luggage. The same can be said for a hair dryer.

3. When to pack

Do not leave all your packing until the night before you travel! This often leads to stress and overpacking with little planning. A hectic flurry to pack your suitcase means a disorganised suitcase.

It is important to set aside sufficient time for your packing. Think about your trip. If you are visiting a few places, try to consider what you will need first and pack these items last.

You should begin to gather items you will want and need for your holiday in the days leading up to the trip so that you are not stressed out when you can’t find them the night before.

We recommend beginning to gather your items in the days leading up to your departure, and packing clothes last so that they are not left in your case for too long risking becoming creased.

4. Packing for others

If you are a parent, you may also have to pack for kids. The same principles of planning apply and again.

Kids often like to be involved in the process so it is a good idea to get them their own small bags that they can wheel around themselves. Travelling with children can be stressful, therefore a great way to keep a young child occupied is for them to be responsible for their own wheelie bag through the airport.

You can also involve your children in picking one or two toys for the plane – but again make sure not to go overboard on packing toys!

If you have a family holiday in the pipeline and are interested in some more information about packing and organisation you can read more in our post about tips for family packing.

5. Other options

If you will be travelling for a long period of time there may be more to pack up than just your suitcase! If you plan to be gone for longer than a couple of months then you could consider subletting your home until you get back. In that case you may have lots of belongings to pack up out of the way and a self storage unit could be just the place to hold onto your things until you get home. A self storage unit is a great place to store valuables while you are away, with 24-hour CCTV camera surveillance and intruder alarms for our units you can rest assured that your belongings will be safe with us while you are away!