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Become a Yogipreneur!

May 08 2016

If yoga is something that interests you, you may already even have a qualification to teach and give classes. With healthy living, mindfulness and fitness soaring in popularity in recent times, now is the time to make the use of this experience and skill.

The Instagram generation is largely to thank for the soar in popularity of the zen lifestyle, with idyllic photography and idealistic diets and lifestyles the showcase of everyone on the social network. Everybody wants to be involved in these serene activities and increasingly are making lifestyle choices to fuel their instagram accounts! Why not use this to your advantage?!

We have all the tips you need to convert your spare room, garage or basement into a yoga studio.


This is a very cheap investment with a great return guaranteed – yoga classes averaging from 16 to 20 euro per person for a one hour session in the city. Or maybe this venture is a space to be shared with friends and family rather than for business. Whatever your thinking, this space is sure to bring you hours of pleasure.

By creating a yoga studio from your spare space, you can work to your won schedule, as little or as often as you please. It is very simple to create a yoga studio in your home – just follow these steps!

Number one, of course, is you need an EMPTY space! No clutter is key. To create the calm atmosphere required for meditation you need a completely clear space. People turn to yoga to get out of the stress and strain of the everyday, to clear the mind and to relax and think. The space they do this in must be free from all distractions, a blank canvas for projecting thoughts. A self storage unit may come in handy for all your excess of clutter, clothing, furniture and everything else you remove from your space. 

Paint the room a calm colour, a neutral shade is preferable.

Yoga is a sensual experience. Your yoga studio must appeal to all of the senses – in a calm way!

Sound: to create a tranquil space and atmosphere you need to provide an appropriate backing track. If investing in surround sound acoustics is not within your budget, a good set of speakers for your iPhone are a must.

Light: You may already have dimmer switches installed in the room. If not, not to worry! Candles, candles and more candles! Essential in any yoga studio, there’s nothing quite like candlelight to help soothe and relax.

Scent: This is personal preference, with an array of scents available in oil and diffuser forms. However, we do recommend sticking to one particular scent to produce a constant and distinct smell.

You may encourage clients to bring their own mats, and many yogis will already have their own. It is always a good idea to provide the necessary equipment to eliminate stress and entice people to attend.


Finally – make your studio instagram-friendly!

Have an eye-catching decorative feature in your studio, that clients can photograph themselves with or take cool photographs of. Many yogis love to show their friends and followers when and where they practice! It is a good idea to have lots of posters or objects with your name or the name of your studio – guaranteed these will be endlessly photographed by your yoga-babies and is some great free advertising!

All that’s left is to keep calm and do yoga!