How to Spring Clean Your Home in One Day

Spring is nearly over so you might want to get your spring clean one in a hurry.

And what better time than now, when few of us have any excuse not to!

During these OCVID-19 times, there has been a lot of talk about people clearing out and improving their living space. And even find some hidden gems along the way!

The prospect of spring cleaning your house from top to bottom may initially seem like a daunting one. However, with proper and efficient preparation, you can tackle this onerous task in just a matter of hours.

Gather your supplies

Make sure you have everything you need gathered and stocked together. A convenient way to do this is by putting everything in a bucket, so it can be easily and conveniently carried from room to room. Some key items you will need include bin bags, rubber gloves and kitchen paper.


Upbeat and lively music will be key for these few hours to keep you on your feet. So make sure to have your playlist fully stocked with feel-good sounds to help pass the time.


Designate a specific amount of time to every room in your home. This will ensure you don’t lose track of time or spend all day in just one room.


You should begin your spring clean by collecting the laundry from each room; bed sheets, pillowcases, bath mats etc. can all go straight into the washing machine. This means that the machine is working as your working, making optimum use of your time.


Your starting point should be the kitchen as its most commonly the centre of the home. Don’t forget the spaces such as the inside of kitchen cabinets or the underside of kitchen chairs and table. The handles of kitchen cabinets can become surprisingly covered in a layer of grease. Be sure to wipe the handles top to bottom with a cleaning spray and the face of the cabinet with a polish such as coconut oil.


The easiest solution may seem to simply throw any unwanted items into the bin. However, you should try your best to find alternative solutions that don’t involve sending things to the landfill. Could a friend find a use for it? Might it sell online? Maybe donate it to a local charity?

The Deep Clean

Start by dusting all of the upper surfaces in your home, followed by wiping them down with a damp cloth to ensure that all dust is thoroughly removed. Once you’ve tackled the surfaces, you can then move onto the floor. Begin with hoovering any rugs first and once completed, roll these up so you can properly tackle mopping the floors. Also move any other large pieces of furniture such as sofas, chairs and other furniture to give yourself easy access to every nook and cranny of the floor.

Don’t forget the Forgotten Areas

There are always a few areas of the house that have a tendency to be ignored. Most commonly, these include the hot press and the pantry. Take the time to organise these spaces to avoid future build up of clutter and mess.

Add a hint of Spring

Now that the hard part is over, treat yourself by lighting a fragrant-scented candle or setting out a fresh bouquet of flowers, to officially get rid of the last of the Winter blues.

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