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A Brief History of Self Storage in Ireland

Aug 02 2016

And this will be a brief account, mainly because the concept of self storage only arrived in Ireland for the first time in the 1990s! A relatively young industry in this country, it is growing and gaining popularity year after year, and unlike most industries, we actually have the boom to thank for this!

To take things back a few years, the self storage industry is a young industry, with its roots originating in Florida in 1958. Ireland was quite a bit behind this, with interest in self storage only beginning during the boom – when moving house and apartment living increased substantially.


A US phenomenon, self storage first raised its head as a huge growth industry in the States at the beginning of the 21st century, when it really began to take off. With supply not meeting the great demand at the time, facilities sprung up everywhere! Now it is seldom you would pass through a town in the US and not drive by at least one self storage facility. The abundance of self storage units in the States is such that the entire population can fit under the roof of all of the self storage units currently available in the country…. That’s a lot of storage!

But we’re not quite there yet! The self storage industry is still very much a US based industry, with 46,000 of the world’s 58,000 self storage facilities located in the States. The concept is lagging behind in Europe also – with only 5 countries having over 100 units, and only just over 30% of the square footage of the US. Will it be long before Europe catches up with the US? The industry is certainly growing over here, although it is difficult to know if we will ever match the astonishing figures of the US.


There are currently 9 self storage companies in Ireland registered with the Irish Self Storage Association. It may seem as though we are lagging behind other European countries, but in reality, this is an industry which has experienced significant growth in Ireland since it first came here. With multi-million euro purpose-built facilities cropping up over the country, it is not long before self storage becomes a household name here in Ireland, we predict. 

So why not get there before the others and check out you nearest Storage World facility?- we have space for let at our Limerick and Dublin city centre locations. It’s a concept that has worked in the US for many years, with many satisfied households and businesses across the country. Now’s your chance to get ahead of the game here in Ireland and become a trendsetter! – and it’s easy to give it a go, with no contracts or long term leases, if it’s not for you it’s no problem!

So although there is not too much to the history of this industry here in Ireland, with it’s exponential growth in the past few years, it is likely that in years to come the story will be a much better one!