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Business versus Home Storage

Jun 08 2017

Self storage has a number of applications and may be suitable for a vast array of people and lifestyles. The bulk of customers who use self storage use it for two main reasons – business (commercial) storage and home storage. A self storage unit can revolutionise the life of its user – by creating space and new possibilites in a home or by adding to your business’ potential.
In this blog post we will outline what self storage can do for your home or business and how you can optimise self storage for your specific needs.

Business/Commercial Storage

Using business storage facilities for your organisation can do so much for business efficiency and productivity. Small businesses in particular may have many uses for a self storage unit. Above all, self storage units generally save money and office space for a small business and allow the space to be used more efficiently than for storage. Rather than using precious office space to store stock, equipment or documents, a self storage unit is ideal for storage of this stuff allowing office space to be used to generate more profit.

A self storage unit can allow a business to expand and hire more employees without having to move to a larger office space.

Some small businesses may eliminate the need for office space altogether by using a self storage unit. Businesses that operate by supplying products to customers ordering online can use a self storage unit to store stock, which can be easily accessed when dispatch is required.

Rental of office space per metre squared is significantly more expensive than self storage rental making self storage units an option that should be considered by all small businesses.

Home Storage

Home storage solutions has many applications and there are few households that would not benefit from using a self storage facility. As the concept of home storage may not be an obvious one to everyone, we will detail just what a self storage unit can do for your home.

Firstly, a self storage unit is a great way of making more space in your home. There are any number of reasons why a home may benefit from extra living space; the arrival of a new baby or new sport or hobby to name but a few. In these instances, placing items that you do not require on a regular basis in a storage facility means that space in your home can be put to better use than just storing stuff.

In many instances a self storage unit can allow a family to remain in the same home rather than having to upsize to a larger more expensive space as the family grows.

Using a self storage unit for personal storage allows for a more organised life. Many customers use their units for the storing of seasonal items such as winter clothing in the summer months and vice versa, holiday decorations, sporting equipment and other items they do not require on a day-to-day basis. This eliminates clutter from the home and your items can be easily accessed from your storage unit whenever you need them!

Another innovative way to make the most of improving the storage in your home is to use this new extra space in your home to generate revenue. We have met people who have created yoga studios and art studios in spare rooms that they cleared out into a storage facility. Some more uses for an extra room in your home include Airbnb rental or leasing the space to a tenant. The possibilities of this newfound space in your home are endless!

Advantages of Commercial/Home Storage Facilities

Whatever your self storage needs, self storage facilities are always easily accessible, centrally located and very secure with round the clock CCTV surveillance and intruder alarms. There is no lease agreement, so you can try it out without having to commit to a long term rental.

With regard to business storage, easy access to our two city centre locations and long access hours mean that you can always reach your merchandise when you need to, and also means that deliveries can easily be met on site. A self storage facility is a friendly environment to visit regularly with an opportunity to meets lots of different people!