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Celebrities Who Store

Jan 15 2016

Everyone has a bit of an obsession when it comes to the lives of celebrities and what they really do behind closed doors… what about behind the doors of their self storage units?!

Yes many celebrities use self storage – why you may ask? Considering we’ve all seen the mansions with the thirty or so spare bedrooms and garages! But even celebrities like a bargain when it comes to keeping their things safe and their houses free from clutter! Many of them spend lots of time away from their homes, travelling for performances and appearances – storing their precious items safely in a storage unit gives them piece of mind while they are away from home.

So what do the rich and famous actually keep in their self storage units?

Jessica Alba has been papped to-ing and froing from her self storage unit in Manhattan – and the big reveal – its full of her Christmas decorations! Exciting stuff for sure!

Celebrity self storage units have become exposed over the years with exclusive auctions taking place following death or non-payment of units.

Lindsay Lohan got herself into the news in 2012 when TMZ reported that she was $16,000 in debt to her self storage facility, and was at risk of her unit being put up for auction! – now that would make for an epic episode of Storage Wars!

Madonna’s storage unit went up for auction when her assistant forgot to pay for it! When personal photographs, photo negatives and 17 diaries were retrieved from the unit by the new owner and placed on eBay, Madonna’s lawyers convinced eBay that she was the rightful owner and her items were returned to her.

When Paris Hilton’s unit was sold at auction following a default on her ITA18FXIBLpayments, the new owner really hit the jackpot! The tons of personal items from her 6000 square foot unit fetched him $10 million when sold to Bardia Persa who subsequently launched the website – an unfortunate turn of events for the celebrity which lead to some costly lawsuits – if only she had remembered to pay her bills!


Following the death of Burt Reynolds his units were explored. He had so much stuff in storage, including tons of movie memorabilia, that a museum was opened up to house it all!

Robert Pattinson reportedly has numerous storage units around America. Apparently the actor likes to collect clothing, books and memorabilia from the various movie sets and places he has worked. As he does not have space to bring all this stuff with him on his travels he rents storage units as he goes!

Celebrities can’t seem to get enough of self storage while the rest of America waits until they leave their bills unpaid to see whats inside! As the names of self storage renters cannot be released unless they default on their payments, could make for some interesting episodes of Storage Wars!

So if celebrities need self storage units, then you do too!! And hey, if you need to hide your tour bus from your wife like music legend Lionel Richie did, a storage unit is just the ticket!