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Create Your Own Man Cave

Mar 20 2016

Have you dreamt of having your own lair, a place for playing video games and watching sports with the lads? A space where you won’t be interrupted, where you can chill and immerse yourself in sporting action. We have some tips for creating an adult hang-out space in your home.

With a myriad of sporting events for whatever you’re into, from GAA to soccer and the Olympics this coming summer, it’s essential for the sports fanatic to have the correct atmosphere for viewing. For some that necessitates heading to the local for the buzz of the crowd. Others require a quiet setting so as they can focus entirely on the game – this may require escaping the family home to your nearest child-less mate!



The idea of the “man cave” is the dream for many men and women alike who relish the idea of weekends spent focused on the television set glued to the sporting fixtures for the two days. We have put together some ideas for all sporting enthusiasts.

For those of you who believe that you must have a very large home to be able to have a quiet space to intensely watch your sport – you are wrong! Any home can facilitate a man cave. All you require is a bit of organisation and some extra time before the sporting event to set up your station!

What you need is a seasonal room that can be packed up and removed to a storage unit when the sport is over. Extra chairs and bean bags will take up considerable space, other items may collect dust when shoved to a corner. This could be a garage or storage room area, you could make use of a spare bedroom or even transform your living room for the day.

If you love being one of the “lads” at the weekend, and hosting the gang at your home for the weekend games is your thing – then chances are you may even have a man cave. We have some tips for optimising this space, and also for de-camping when the sports season is over as well as ways of using the space for other things on the off-season.


To prepare your cave for the season, you are going to have to tidy it up – may not be the nicest of jobs, and certainly not an enjoyable weekend chore! But it a tidy and clean space will afford a good atmosphere for the game. Let’s face it – a dirty space won’t impress anyone!

Next you make the room viewer-friendly. If there is a window in the room, trial watching the television screen in daylight to ensure there is no glare on the set, if there is – blinds will be essential!

Ensure you have enough chairs to accommodate everyone you are expecting, and place them so that everyone has a good view of the screen. Use bean bags at the front for different levels, to make sure everyone can see.

There are a few essentials you won’t want to forget, and they’ll make your room really great! Here are some of them:

A larger cooler, so that you don’t have to be running and back and forth to the fridge and missing crucial moments of the game!

Coasters and napkins,

A large bin – for cleaning as you go!

A few end tables for placing glasses and plates,

Wifi access, for easy access to betting apps and twitter analysis!

An intimidatingly large television screen!!


And if you do have children, you may need to organise a play date to ensure an interruption free zone!