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Creepy Crawlies

Oct 25 2015

For the week that’s in it, with all things scary and spooky, we are focusing on the little monsters that are invading our homes this autumn.


If spiders are haunting your home, read on to find out why and to see what you can do to prevent a creepy crawly invasion!

If you’re like myself, and little Miss Muffett is not your cup of tea, you will not be pleased to hear that the spiders crawling into our homes this year are big – eek! Taking shelter from the cold, the spiders of this autumn have been reported by scientists to be larger than ever! Our mild summer has contributed to them growing larger than previous years – great news for arachnophobes!

Here is a list of tips to help keep the little intruders from moving in!

  • Keep surfaces and floors clean. Spiders follow their prey. Little bugs snacking on crumbs will attract spiders into your home.
  • Keep the lights off. Light does not attract spiders as such, but it does attract many of their prey, namely small flies.
  • Lemon juice. Spiders aren’t a fans of citrus smells. Leave bowls of lemon juice near places you think spiders creep in.
  • Seal cracks that spiders could creep in through.
  • Apparently spiders hate tobacco just as much as they hate lemons! Sprinkling tobacco may deter them.
  • Cats. Good for keeping all sorts of pests away, the eight-legged variety included!
  • Move plants from beside your home. A happy homing place during the summer months, spiders will move in from these plants once they feel the warmth from the open door.
  • Old wives tales suggest that spiders are terrified of conkers and chestnuts. Try leaving them in corners where spiders are often seen.
  • Peppermint oil – another smell that spiders supposedly detest!

And what if they do get in?! Here are some methods to naturally get rid of spiders from your home, without becoming a mass murderer!

  • The cup and glass method: place a cup or glass over the spider and use some card, such as a an unopened envelope, to slide under the glass to trap the spider for removal.
  • If the creature is seen residing in a house plant, it can be removed by breaking off the branch that the web is on and taking the spider with it.
  • Scoop the spider onto a dustpan and lightly tap the underside of the dustpan – the vibrations will prevent the spider from moving.

Emergency methods: if you are one of those people who cries at the sight of a spider, then the only thing to do is to scream for help! Call the nearest partner, parent or helpful neighbour to remove the terrifying fiend!