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Decluttering for a Healthy Lifestyle

Feb 07 2017

Finding it difficult to keep up those New Year’s resolutions? Sick of healthy eating and tired of tipping the scales? Now that it’s February it can really start to become a drag to keep a healthy lifestyle in check. As the days and nights are persistently dark and gloomy it can be difficult to stay motivated and easy to fall off the wagon when it comes to lifestyle choices.

It’s understandable – February is often classified as one of the dreariest months in the calendar with little to look forward to for many. So to help you embrace Spring and all that it is known for in the housekeeping world, we want to show you how decluttering your home can help you get back on track with your healthy lifestyle goals. A Spring clean can actually help you to lose weight and make you feel better! – who knew the benefits of organisation and storage could be so far-reaching! (For more on the health and wellbeing benefits associated with decluttering check out our previous blog post on the subject here).

healthy lifestyle

The thought process behind this stems from how important an organised home and decluttering is for our wellbeing. It’s not particularly about the “stuff” per se, it’s about controlling chaos and disorder in our lives and there’s no doubt but that this begins at home.

A survey carried out by a self storage facility in the US found that 58% of Americans believed getting their home organised would help them get their diet organised. This idea was felt as even more important by millennials, 70% of whom believed sorting out their home would lend to a healthy lifestyle.

It’s very simple. If your kitchen is so messy and cluttered that you can’t find the utensils to begin to cook, it is highly likely, after a long day of work, that you are going to substitute a home cooked meal with a takeaway. We must have space to function. Clear the space and clear the mind to begin afresh. We cannot do everything at once, and an organised home may act as the beginning for a better lifestyle.

healthy lifestyle

It’s impossible to live a happy, healthy and focused life in a cluttered, messy and disorganized home. Clutter creates confusion, stress, and at worst, a sense of feeling totally overwhelmed and paralysed. It’s hard to feel motivated or encouraged to make healthy choices in a cluttered kitchen.  A sense of control (either in your home or in your life) is the basis for feeling focused and motivated. At its simplest, being organized enables you to make nutritious and health-enhancing choices.

“Lose the Clutter, Lose the Weight” – a book written by a storage expert, found significant improvements in areas of weight loss, waist circumference, self esteem and psychological state when a 6 week decluttering and lifestyle improvement plan was taken up by a group of subjects. There’s no doubt that the two go hand-in-hand, the research has said as much, as well as common sense.

So a healthy body is not just about what we put into our bodies, but it’s also linked with what we put into our homes. If you’re looking for a kickstart to that diet, first take a trip to your sock drawer and see how some organisation may improve your motivation!