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Earth Day – Minimalism

Apr 23 2016

Happy Earth Day to all of our followers! In the spirit of Earth Day 2016 and all things tree-hugging, we want to share with you, the benefits of self storage on the environment as well as the benefits of minimalism for your life and for the Earth.

Minimalism does not have to mean obsessive habits or “doing without”. This is not the case at all. Minimalistic living reduces stress and clutter and creates a serene space from your home. Minimalism may make you think of a wardrobe with only ten colour-coordinated items, a stark white living space, a clinical-looking purposeful home. However, minimalism is not so much about the design of your home or your interior decorating choices. Minimalism, rather, infers a set of conscious life choices that promote a healthy lifestyle and limit negative effects on the environment, having direct impacts on the prosperity of the environment.

By getting rid of the things that you do not need, you remove clutter from your home and environment and remove clutter from your life, creating a more simple life. Many choose to adopt a minimalist lifestyle to remove stress from their lives and to promote calmness, however the benefits of the minimalist lifestyle approach go beyond a change in mindset and also have the wider benefits of preventing damage to the environment.


How can a change in lifestyle improve outcomes for the environment?

Firstly, your consumption decreases – by making a conscious choice to be more mindful about your spending choices. By only purchasing the things you need you will naturally consume less. There are simple changes that we can all make. Using large amounts of fuel, gas and plastic harms our environment. Borrowing a book from the library, for example, is cost effective, storage saving (because you can bring it back) and also saves paper and other natural resources. The less we consume, the less damage we do to the environment – this benefits everyone!

Your waste decreases – because when you buy and consume less, your waste will naturally be less. When you don’t buy things you don’t need you also don’t end up with a hefty collection of plastic bags, wrappings and cardboard boxes – these all need to go somewhere!

You will become more environmentally aware – by practicing minimalism, you become more aware of the effects of your choices. There is a knock-on effect to this, a positive impact on the environment as well as passing on good lifestyle habits to your children, informing the next generation.

Aim to make small earth-friendly changes this Earth Week, like carpooling to work, cancelling your catalog subscriptions, switching to online banking, or limiting your shower time. De-clutter your home, and make more efficient use of your space. At storage world we aim to promote efficient living. Make minimalism a part of your daily routine. Weed out stress and clutter and in doing so you can make a positive impact on the environment!