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Student Rentals I: Evacuating!

May 27 2016

Attention Students! It’s that time of year and we know that moving out of your college dorm is a task dreaded by you all!  A years build-up of grime to battle against as well as your disorganised mess of an inhabitance to pack away into bags and boxes – a nightmare. And all this in the midst of exam celebrations makes for a truly hectic time!

Never fear Storage World is here! – to give you all the tips you need for tackling your college residence in time for move-out.

In an ideal world, preparation in advance and staggered organisation of your things would be advised to reduce the stress of moving-out today. However, being realists, we understand that organisation is not a world generally associated with student life, and that advanced planning is a highly unlikely occurrence in the sporadic and spontaneous life of a student. Particularly at the end of the college term, when social events and goodbye parties are at their peak!

So we have made a realistic guide to student move-out day! We have some tips and tricks to make this process as quick and painless as possible.

If you are living in student accommodation, it is likely that you are not from the city which your college is located. You are likely being collected by a parent or friend who has been given the horrific task of helping the process. It is as important for the loved one who will be coming to collect you from your residence to get to grips with this guide as it is for you the student!


Organise your vehicle before you begin loading. Ensure the boot has been emptied so that there is every space available. Put the middle seats down if possible to create a large open space.

Ban excess passengers – you will need every bit of room you can get! So just the driver and yourself allowed!

Bin liners – you cannot get enough of these! Ensure you buy heavy duty ones to avoid them ripping apart and splaying your things across campus! Chuck anything and everything into them – except delicates of course!

Fragile items such as delph and glassware will take a little bit more consideration when packing. A simple way to avoid breakages in transit is to wrap plates and cups in newspaper and place into bags. Stuff the space around them with scrunched up newspaper also to prevent movement. Ensure items are spread among carrier bags as a heavy load may cause a bag to break.

A container on wheels is the bees knees when it comes to transporting heavy loads from your dorm room to your vehicle. It not only greatly speeds up the process but it also makes you look super organised and the envy of all the other struggling students and parents. If you are from the countryside, a clean wheelbarrow is perfect for this job! Trolleys and other mobile transporters are good too – so long as they can fit in your car also!

If you are moving furniture, note that drawers themselves can be used to transport items.

If you are an organised student – a rare breed! – we do recommend beginning to take stuff you don’t need home with you at weekends to cut down on the amount of things that need to be packed up on moving day!

If you will be moving back to the city in September for another year of college, you may have many college essentials that will not prove so essential during the summer months – books, notes, folders, sports equipments, clothes, bedding, furniture – all of these will take up a large amount of space at your home for the months you are not in college, only for them to be transported back up to your digs in a few months time. A smart and efficient idea is to rent a self storage unit for these summer months. In our easily accessible city centre location, your items can be dropped off on your journey home and left in our safe hands for the summer months, or until you need them next.

In next week’s blog post we will be telling you everything you need to know about moving out of a student rental – what is expected and how you can maximise your deposit refund.