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Essential Family Holiday Packing Tips

Jul 02 2016

Heading off on a family holiday can be stressful – with packing for a number of people, baggage restrictions, family members with extra needs and the cost and expense of the whole thing.

We have put together some great packing tips for eliminating stress and excessive cost when it comes to family holidays. There is a way that you may even break even from a family holiday!.. Keep reading to find out how!


First off it is paramount to know your baggage allowances. Find out how many bags are allowed per passenger and the weight allowance of each bag. This should be your starting point when it comes to packing for your family. Find suitable luggage for each passenger, this may require investment in some extra pieces of luggage but these will outlast the savings in excess baggage charges over their lifetime.

Kids like being involved when it comes to bags. Small carry-on wheelie bags are ideal for children, and generally are big enough to fit all of their things. If they are old enough to manage one themselves, a wheelie hand luggage bag can carry a surprising amount if packed neatly, and should almost suffice for your little ones. They are also fun to wheel around the airport and will keep your little one distracted and hopefully avoid an airport tantrum!

Weigh up the cost of excess baggage charges against buying cheap towels, parasols etc when you arrive. Take full advantage of all of your baggage allowances and weigh your luggage on a weighing scales before departing for the airport – there is nothing more stressful than attempting to re-pack luggage at the check-in desks or face being lamped with a hefty fine!

Take a large handbag for the plane! – and stuff it with as much as is humanly possible!

Bring plenty of portable games consoles and devices for the kids, as well as pacifiers and comforters. The airport is a total nightmare for a meltdown!

If granny or granddad are coming along, it might be a good idea to pre-book a wheelchair for the airport – depending on the person of course. This is a free service provided by all airports but must be pre-arranged. Airports are draining places and a buggy service for your older parent may take the stress and exhaustion out of travelling.

And now for the money-maker! How about Airbnb-ing your family home while you are away?! The Irish summer is prime time for tourism to the Irish coast and countryside in particular, so make the most of it! It will take some organisation in the week or two leading up to your holiday but the benefits are massive – it may go as far as paying for a good chunk of your holiday!

You will need a family member/neighbour on the ground to facilitate welcoming guests and providing any assistance they may require.  If you have it well organised in advanced it will not be a big effort for your volunteer and you can pick them up a few Toblerone’s in the duty free to express your thanks!

Finally, this is your holiday too. Arrange a day/night off from the kids with your partner. If you don’t have a grandparent with you, many hotels offer a babysitter service and is something you should take advantage of so that you can also enjoy your holiday! If you are at a resort, take advantage of kid’s camps and activities and allow yourself some R&R!

We hope you enjoyed these holiday packing tips, feel free to share and Happy Holidays!