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Festival Season Part 1: Trade Storage

Aug 25 2015

Festival season is well and truly underway, and with many more festivals to still come before the end of the summer we have put together some survival guides for festival tradesmen and festival goers alike.

Those of you who have managed to get your hands on coveted tickets or trade pitches at the fast approaching Electric Picnic will surely want to avoid packing mishaps ruining the weekend! Follow these simple steps to ensure the weekend goes without hitch with regard to your stuff and merchandise!

With festivals taking place the length and breadth of the country throughout these summer months, it is many a tradesman who sets up stalls and food stands selling unique produce to keen festival goers. Trade stands are a key element to all festivals, with many small and large businesses setting up stalls at all the major festivals on the circuit.

Whatever it is you sell, be it clothing and garments, to food, to pottery, the list is endless. One thing’s for sure and that is that your merchandise is the key to your success, and ensuring it arrives to the festival in good condition should be a main priority. The following are some ideas for storing your goods between festivals.


Between festivals and roadshows you must store your goods and equipment somewhere. The quality of the produce you provide to customers at a festival will determine your turnover during the weekend. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to invest in appropriate storage for your goods.

For non-perishable fragile items, it is important that they are protected from damage. Wrapping delicate items in tissue or bubble-wrap and placing in boxes for transport to and from festivals is a good idea. For the days in between, your valuable items should be stored out of harms way, so that there is no danger of them not making it to the next festival in prime condition.

Renting a self storage unit is an excellent way of ensuring your produce is stored to the highest standard, where it cannot be damaged or harmed and remains under 24-hour CCTV surveillance. As a safe and efficient way of storing your equipment, it also makes a lot of sense for smaller tradesmen using spare space in their homes to store equipment and goods.

If you are a tradesman who lives in the city, you may be struggling to find parking for your van or camper when loading and unloading before a festival. Our self storage facility is centrally located with free onsite parking and plenty of spare hands available to help!

Self storage units cater for all sizes of equipment, including large machinery such as kitchen and catering equipment. This equipment is also very expensive and a crucial part of your business. Keep your equipment safe from damp and rot and out of harms way. An old shed or garage may not be the best option for the important tools needed for your business.

Landing a pitch at one of the biggest festivals of the year could mean the busiest 3 to 4 days of your business year – lots of stock will be required to be prepared in advance of this weekend. A self storage unit is the ideal location to store all of your precious materials, from merchandise to equipment.

It is vital that your produce makes it to the festival in top condition. The safe storage of your goods between festivals plays a huge part in this. In our next blog post, we will share some tips on maximising the productivity of your trade stand at the festival itself.