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Festival Season Part 2: The Onsite Trader

Sep 05 2015


With Electric Picnic in full swing, we are continuing with our theme of storage tips for festival traders. 

The following blog aims to share tips and advice that will help those setting up a stall at a festival to maximise their productivity at the event.

Like anything, the key to success here is organization. Efficient planning ahead will help things to run smoothly for an onsite trader, which is sure to reflect on business and revenues for the weekend.

Minimizing set up and move out hassle is of utmost importance, as is maximizing space while you’re at the festival.

It’s a small space to run a high turnover operation and therefore requires a lot of organization pre-festival!

Research the facilities provided at the festival for traders to ensure you are not leaving behind something vital.

Learn from the mistakes of previous festivals – items forgotten, processes that didn’t run smoothly. Take note of details of the set up or operations that do not go to plan and find ways to improve on these for the next time out.

It may not be possible to get extra stock to and from the festival during the weekend, depending on location, therefore storage of stock on site for a couple of days is extremely important. Fridge or cold room rental may be necessary for food traders.

An extra vehicle on site may be permitted for excess stock storage.

Check the terms and conditions of your pitch.Most festivals have strict requirements when it comes to pitch size, with many not leaving much room for expansion. Be sure that your trade stand can be confined to the limits of your pitch.

If the festival is in a city centre location, like many of the Dublin festivals, it may be an idea to rent a self storage facility. Almost certainly cheaper than onsite options and conveniently accessible. Also it ensures that your merchandise is safe and secure.

Things that fold up are excellent news for stall holders. Collapsing bins and boxes are easily stowed away at night. Folding chairs and tables can also be easily taken in at night and do not take up too much space.

Festivals can be a goldmine for traders, and overall should be an enjoyable experience. Don’t let space confinements or organisational issues taint this opportunistic weekend!

In our next blog post, we will share some ideas for festival goers, including what to pack and how to maximise your festival experience with regard to supplies.