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Festival Season Part 3: How to Pack for a Festival

Sep 14 2015

In the final part of our festival tips special we have put together some handy advice for festival-goers. With plenty of festivals of all sorts still to come in Ireland and across Europe in the coming weeks, this guide is suitable for all prospective festivalers!

You have an amazing weekend in store – make sure you are prepared in advance for all eventualities! Of course packing everything you need has to be balanced with the fact that you have to get your bags from the car to the campsite, so no room for anything unnecessary! With space at a premium, you need to be savvy with your packing. The distance from the entrance to the campsite can be considerable. Your arms will thank you!


Another major issue for many festival attendees can be hygiene facilities onsite – or lack there of! Some must-pack supplies: wipes, plasters, body sprays, loo roll. Try to bring travel-sized toiletries where possible to save space and weight.

Food at a festival can be very pricey. Here are some ideas for snacks that won’t spoil and don’t require any cooking: dried meats, tuna, cheese strings, squeezy yoghurts, nuts/raisins/trail mix, lunchbox-sized smoothies, pita breads, granola bars, chocolates/sweets and of course Pringles – the tubes protect them from being crumbed and can even double-up as an emergency loo in the middle of the night!

Pillows may seem like a luxury item but they make camping so much nicer and you can put it between your backpack and your back to carry it into the festival. For the lighter option, just sleep on your clothes.

Weather may be a major decider in the success of your weekend. Don’t let changeable conditions dampen your spirits!         Top tip: Bin bags have a multitude of uses – you can sit on them, make a raincoat, line your wellies if they split and to keep muddy clothes contained.

A portable phone charger is a worthwhile investment for anyone setting off to a weekend festival. It’s vital to stay in contact with your group, keep your phone turned to airplane mode when you don’t need it to save battery.

When you return to your car after the festival you’re likely to be exhausted, hungry, cold and possibly soaking wet! Pack a bag of warm, clean comfy clothes, fluffy socks and some snacks and leave them in your car to make your journey home less torturous! Those of you who will be busing it will have to wait a few more hours after the festival for the luxury of clean clothes!