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Furniture Storage – The Lowdown

Sep 19 2018

Although you may be choosing to put your furniture into storage, that does not automatically mean that you want it to fall into disarray, never to be used again.

There may come a time when you want or need to pull out these pieces of furniture, either for family functions or for office use – or even outdoor/garden furniture for seasonal reasons. In this instance, you expect it to be as good as new and not to be tattered or worn and not fit for purpose.

Ready to go

There are a couple of key steps to bear in mind in order to store your furniture correctly and to protect it down through the years. This ensures that if you either want to sell it on or pull out again for use later, that it will be in pristine condition and ready to go.

Firstly, it is important to scope out and compare various prices to ensure you are receiving the best value for money. Although this may seem like a costly decision in the short run, it works out as very financially viable over a period of time.

This is most clearly seen for example during a transitional period such as moving house or upgrading office space. Also, try and inspect your storage unit for cracks, leaks or stains beforehand.

Furniture Storage

At Storage World, both our personal and business storage units come in 10 different sizes for you to choose from. We also offer full flexibility to increase or decrease the amount of storage space you rent as your needs adapt.

With the minimum rental period being only one month in duration, this means you’re not tied down into paying long-term fixed amounts.

Climate and temperature

Another important factor to consider for optimum protection of your furniture is the climate and temperature of the storage unit. This feature will ensure your pieces of furniture are not damaged by moisture, mould or changes in temperature. This is especially important for wooden items, antiques or fabric sofas.

When it comes to glass items, such as glass tabletops or mirrors, these require additional care and attention. When wrapping these items, do not tape the paper directly to the glass as it will leave behind an irritating residue which will require ample elbow grease trying to remove and clean off later!

Further steps

Further steps which you can take yourself include wrapping items of furniture in protective layers to prevent dust build-ups. These wrappings can come in many forms, from old sheets or blankets to plastic or bubble wrappings.

This can also be effective when the furniture is in transit to the storage unit to prevent any damage along the way.  Placing a layer of plastic sheeting on the floor of your storage unit before anything is placed inside is also an effective remedy for preventing moisture from the ground damaging your furniture.

Bubble wrap is ideal for smaller items of furniture such as lamps, china or photo frames as it ensures they don’t get chipped.

Thoroughly cleaning

A further precaution that can be taken includes thoroughly cleaning any items of furniture before being placed in storage. This too will be a preventative measure for tackling mould or dust while also eliminating the possibility of any unwanted odours.

Raising your items of furniture off the floor, in general, is probably the safest protective mechanism for your furniture. By simply using pallets or blocks, you can avoid putting furniture pieces that could be ruined directly on the floor.

Most importantly, try to avoid overstuffing your unit with furniture, as this too could cause damage and break things. Start by placing the largest things first and then work backwards. Be sure to always leave an aisle clear so that you can easily access your items from any angle.

Make it even easier

The easiest trick is to pick out the appropriate size storage unit for the volume of furniture you have. At Storage World, we make it even easier to get this right through our Size Estimator, meaning you can predict the size of the storage unit that will best cater to your needs.

Larger items of furniture such as dining tables should be disassembled to maximize space. The table legs can be removed and stacked and leaned against the wall, creating more space for other belongings.

When storing both your personal and business furniture, peace of mind is key. There are a few things that are necessities when deciding on a self-storage company in this instance. At Storage World, we have a 24-hour security system in place which includes CCTV cameras, locks, gates and alarms so that the safety of your belongings is our priority.

Storage World offers a range of storage unit sizes for personal and business use. Get in touch and we’ll be glad to chat.