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No space to store your furniture? Self Storage is the answer.

Buying a new suite of furniture for the living room, or just wanting some extra space, doesn’t mean you have to throw away that couch or table and chairs. 

Self storage could be the perfect solution. Let’s face it, the last thing you want to do is store your kitchen table and chairs in your garden shed. You’re just moving clutter from one place to another.

Perhaps you want to sell that leather reclining couch. Why not store it short term, in a secure, dry storage unit? Hassle free and flexible storage options means you can wait for that perfect buyer to come along. Don’t worry about making more clutter in your home, and sit back and relax on your new furniture. 

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Minimum Rental Period Only 1 Month


10 Different Storage Unit Sizes

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Why use Storage World?

Furniture Storage

Looking to store that large corner sofa or that dining room suite? Not sure what you want to do with everything? Self storage is a great option if you need a temporary or more long term solution.

Choice of Storage Units Sizes

With 10 different storage unit sizes you can store any size furniture you want. Tables, chairs, shelving units.

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Unit Size

Choose your unit size online or in person. Check out our size estimator to see how much space you’re likely to need.

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Madeline’s Story

When the house in Dun Laoghaire in which I was staying was being prepared for sale, I needed to store boxes of personal items and searched the internet for available places. Storage World was close to the city centre and the quote I received was very competitive in comparison to others.

Having never had to use storage facilities before, I was very nervous about what was involved – capacity, access etc. Every query was answered quickly and fully and the customer service was absolutely excellent.

Madeline O’Brien, Donnybrook.