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Glam Your Garden

May 29 2015

rsz_47d7e71153With Bloom in the Park taking place this bank holiday weekend, it’s time to be inspired and give your garden a facelift!

If yours is a garden that’s permanently strewn with everything from basketball hoops and goal posts to rusting bikes and deflated balls, then this article should give you a push in the right direction!

Whether you have a large countryside backdrop or a confined urban plot, your garden should be user friendly for all! A play space for the kids, a quiet place to read and think, an entertainment space for drinks and barbecues with friends.

Coming into the summer months, now is the time to find the Diarmuid Gavin in you! A garden makeover is really  something you can do, and a project you should undertake.

Here are some tips on how to make your garden a more functional one:

  • Firstly, you need to sort out some storage solutions for the garden toys.
  • Not always easy to store: Balls and bats for example have rigid shapes and so take up lots of room, plus they are rarely found in places they belong!
  • Erecting a shed is a great option, but may be costly and not always feasible with space constrictions.
  • There are, however, loads of great solutions out there:
  • Bins are a great way to efficiently and tidily store. Ball claws are also a really nifty way of storing footballs and basketballs and can be neatly applied to walls and solid fencing. A simple bike rack solves the problem of bikes as health hazards on the patio also!
  • Next, you need to get the gloves on and take out the trowel! Plant as much or as little as you like but pretty blooms are something everyone will admire, with colours and fragrances adding a new dimension to your garden.
  • A raised bed may be a good option – safe from digging doggies and being trampled on in football matches with the neighbours’ kids.
  • Invest in some good quality garden furniture. This will be an invaluable venture for your garden. It is important that you get use from your garden, rather than looking on from inside. Some good furniture creates a space for reading, relaxing glasses of wine, family BBQs and evenings with friends.
  • Add a water feature. The calming aspect of moving water will add to the zen of your garden makeover. Woodies DIY have some great self-contained options that mean you won’t need to go digging up half your garden!
  • Attract nature to your garden. Bird feeders and baths entice beautiful and colourful birds to your home surroundings.
  • “Gardening is cheaper than therapy and you get tomatoes”. There is great satisfaction to be had from growing your own vegetables. All that is required is as small or as big a plot that you care to sacrifice. In weeks you could be reaping the benefits of “growing your own”.
  • The stand-out thing in reinventing your garden space is to find storage for all the things that are causing the clutter and mess. Once your garden is cleared, this opens up the space to planting and designing.
  • The main take home points are to de-clutter, keep bins and bikes out of sight, embrace nature and make your garden your hobby!