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Going Green For Paddy’s Day

Mar 11 2017

St Patrick’s Day is fast approaching, so why not get into the spirit of things! This blog post is full of ways that you can go green for Paddy’s day and how this can stretch to include your storage solutions. Here at Storage World we are big on finding ways to improve efficiency and help the environment. And what better time to approach this topic than the week that the world goes green!

Waste not want not – often a slogan associated with “going green”.  How can this be applied to your storage habits? Well, by adopting a more storage savvy approach to your day you will inevitably cut down on consumption and waste. This can be applied to your home and your workplace and is an easy routine to adjust to. Think about what you have space for when you are shopping. Think about what you already have. Think about the size of the item and how you can store it. Think about how much packaging and waste the item will generate. Generally items that are more space conscious tend to be better for the environment. A home that concentrates on saving space is a greener home, and a happier home with lots of extra space!

going green

By practicing greener and healthier choices for your home you will become more environmentally aware and become more aware of the impact of your choices. By making some changes and becoming more considerate you can have a positive impact on the environment as well as passing on good lifestyle habits to your children, informing the next generation. We have promoted a minimalist approach previously on our blog which encompasses the idea of going green, you can find more here.

Something else that we have mentioned on this blog before is the concept of energy efficiency in your home. Transforming the energy supply of your home is of course a more drastic way of going green, but the benefits for the environment and for your pocket in the long run are many. If the concept of energy efficiency is something that interests you why not check out our blog post on the matter here.

Finally, renting a self storage unit is as green as it gets this Paddy’s week! In keeping with the Irish theme we are a truly Irish company with two locations in the country. Secondly, renting a self storage unit is an efficient use of a minimum amount of space for a maximum amount of stuff. Our facilities are energy efficient and facilitate you to improve space and efficiency in your home. So we are about as green as it gets here at Storage World! Happy St Patrick’s Day!