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How To Cure A Hoarder

Mar 11 2017

Is hoarding an issue for you or a loved one? Is your home cluttered and in disarray? Do you find it impossible to turn down a bargain, even if you have no use for the item? If any of these sound like they are problems for you or your home then keep reading!

Never thought of your hoarding habits as a problem before? If you are too embarrassed to have guests to your home because of clutter and an overflow of stuff it is quite likely that it is a problem! Why change your habits you may ask? Well, there is lots to be gained from realising your habits and making some changes. Firstly, there are the benefits to your pocket – if you can resist the temptations to purchase unnecessary products to add to your stockpile you are adding to your disposable income. Next, the benefits to your home and space are huge, as well as never feeling bad about having people over. However, if you do not wish to declutter, a self storage unit to house any excess of stuff is a good idea.



Here are some of the classic signs of a Hoarder:

  1. You have a room in your home full of boxes that you do not know the contents of.
  2. You cannot see under your bed.
  3. You can never find belongings you need when you are looking for them.
  4. You cannot say no to a bargain of any shape or form.
  5. There are areas in your home that you dare not go for fear of being overwhelmed by a mound of stuff.
  6. You never have visitors in your home because it’s so cluttered.


If you can identify with any of the above scenarios it is likely that you have some issues with getting rid of belongings that are passed their sell by! Do not despair – if you have been diagnosed a hoarder you will be glad to know that there are things that can be done. It may take some work and some support from a friend or loved one, but it is in fact possible to cure a hoarder!

The first step comes with acknowledgement of the problem. Then a plan must be put in place in order to manage the symptoms and start to reform.

Firstly a clear-out is required. Yes you will have to let go of some of the useless stuff you have accumulated! Ensure that there is someone to hand during this process who is aware of the signs of a hoarder creeping back through – some of these may include difficulty parting with items and claiming that items they have had for years will become “useful” “one day”. A way to help with the sorting and parting with items is to consider whether the item has been used in the past year – if the answer is no then the item must go! (unless it is of undue sentimental value).

Then there must be some measures put in place in order to maintain a decluttered home. It is of paramount importance that the traits of a hoarder are suppressed throughout the clear-out process. Items that you cannot fit in your home but you must hang onto should not be shoved into spaces in your home. Keeping an excess of stuff in your drawers or cupboards, promotes an environment of hoarding. To maintain abstinence the environment must be appropriate.