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Inspiring Your Storage

Oct 28 2016

Looking for storage ideas and inspiration for your home? Want to spruce up your interiors and de-clutter some of the space in your home? Where should you look to for inspiration?

The internet really is a goldmine when it comes to lifestyle and homeware inspiration. It is helpful to know where to go in search of this information and how best to use various resources. In this blog post we have put together some of the most popular and useful websites and apps that will get your creative juices flowing! We want to outline how these websites are best used for inspiring your home, as they can be daunting when visiting for the first time.

storage inspiration


Pinterest, aptly descirbed as the “word’s catalogue of ideas”, is a website that’s sole aim is to provide inspiration through photography. It is great because you can collect the images that you like and save them on your own Pinterest board. This is called “pinning”. This means that you can come back to these images at any stage, and it can become your very own online interest board. Before you know it people will be taking inspiration from you! Not only is Pinterest rich in interior design and storage photography, it also has mini blog pieces put together of photos relating to your search words. With tonnes of ideas shared from all over the world, the storage possibilities are endless and you are bound to sort out your storage conundrum after a visit to this site!

storage inspiration


Instagram is another photography-rich website that you are likely to be familiar with. But did you know that it is brimming with storage imagery?! Hashtagging is everything on this social media website, allowing you to refine your search for photos that fit your interest. Unlike Pinterest, you cannot save photos that you like. However you will find there many beautiful images, and usually a more detailed description of where items can be purchased. It can also be possible to send a message to the person who posted a particular photograph by going to their profile. This allows you to contact them directly with questions about their photographs. Many companies have Instagram pages, and do lots of their businesses via their Instagram pages – with links to their websites providing ease of navigation to directly achieve the look they have portrayed in their photography.

Both of the above websites also have handy apps that you can download directly to your phone so that you can easily access your photographic inspiration when hitting the shops.

We Heart It, is a third website with a similar theme to the two already mentioned. It is sort of like a little sister of Pinterest, with a similar modus operandi. You type what you are looking for into the search bar and are instantly presented with a host of photographs. Just another one to add to the list in case you didn’t already have enough inspo!

storage inspiration


Tumblr is a world of mini-blogs, with lots to inspire your storage for sure. The website provides a platform for communicating, gaining inspiration and scrapbooking. Once you follow a blog, their content will come up on your dashboard. Therefore you won’t miss any of their new content when you re-visit the website. Companies also use Tumblr to promote and advertise their products. Their are tonnes in the way of storage inspiration to come by on this website, with lots and lots of video content as opposed to just photography. Definitely worth a look!

And finally, a particular favourite of ours – Manhattan mini storage.  

A Manhattan-based self storage company, that caters for trendy New Yorkers, MMS’ website and social media platforms are filled with whitty images of their clever build boards. Definitely worth a visit for some self storage humour as well as inspiration!