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Junk in Your Trunk: Part 1

Nov 14 2015

Is your car a dumping ground for your junk? Does it double-up as a second home or office? Are passengers forced to clamber across garbage to try to find a space to sit?

Keeping your car in good condition preserves the value of the car and prevents build-up of damaging dirt and chemicals on the surface which can wear away the paint work.

If  you can relate to the above scenarios never fear! – we have some tips for keeping your car clear from rubbish and for turning your clapped out banger into a slick a ride!

Over the next two weeks we will be providing tips for maintaining the value of your car. In the first part of this series we will focus on the first step to ensuring your model remains in good condition – taking care of the outside! While also being kind to your pocket!


The first step to transforming your wheels is to keep it clean on the outside. Getting your car washed regularly should become habit, a clean car instantly looks like a newer model!

You can wash your car yourself by adding some soap to a bucket and hosing.

Some handy tricks when washing your car:

– Wash your car with hair conditioner containing lanolin. It gives your car a waxed look and will also repel rain!

– A mucky dirty windscreen can be very difficult to get clean – try using cola. The fizz will get through the grime, but don’t forget to wash off the sugary drink or a sticky windshield will attract dirt.

– Wipe window cleaner vigorously with a dry cloth to polish your headlights.

Many people will not be lucky enough to have the space to set up a car wash, car washes at petrol stations are good value for the most part, especially the electric type, and come with the great satisfaction of having a gleaming car!

Next week we will tackle cleaning your car from the inside, with some great DIY tips to save you time and money on valetting!