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Junk in Your Trunk: Part 2

Nov 21 2015

For the second part of our feature for keeping your car in good knick, we will focus on some handy tips for maintaining the inside of your vehicle. These tips, of course, apply to all vehicles, big and small and are very simple!


Only keep in your car what is essential for your day-to-day life. Be it work, school runs or longhaul travel, the luxury of having a car means you can bring whatever you need and are not restricted by what you can carry. This comes with the risk of over-packing, and never unpacking! – causing a build-up of junk in your trunk! Make sure to take everything out of your car after a trip!

Next, throw out all rubbish from your car. Food wrappers, empty bottles, paper coffee cups – your car is a prime collecting ground for rubbish! Be meticulous about allowing this to accumulate. Old food can become malodorous, making your travel unpleasant. Food and spills can be difficult to clean from seats, crumbs accumulating in all creases and not pleasant for passengers to sit on!

Take a hoover to your car at least once a month. Giving your car a mini valet frequently will mean it never becomes a time consuming job. Allowing grit and dirt to accumulate will damage the furnishings in your car and cause a general wear and tear look and feel.

Here are some household supplies that can be used to valet your car: Use a small soft brush, such as a paintbrush, to dust the interior, including between vents. Hoover as you brush so that dust does not immediately gather somewhere else. Scrub vinyl with a wet toothbrush to lift deep dirt. A toothbrush can also be used to get crumbs from seams in upholstery. Use olive oil to condition and polish the leather on your dashboard. Spray dirty floor mats with stain remover and throw them in the washing machine.

Do not smoke in your car. The smell lingers in the upholstery and it is difficult to get a clean feeling to your car with old smells hanging around!

Hang an air freshener in your car to prevent your car from smelling musty or damp.


None of these easy tips are time consuming. By taking the time to give your car a good clean, maintenace of a clean car will take no time at all! Cars are very valuable and important to all of our lives. Make sure that your car retains its value by keeping it in good shape! By keeping your car clean and fresh you will make your drive a pleasant one, and look forward to your travel!