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Life Hacks for a Simpler Life!

Sep 30 2016

Here at Storage World, we love making your life easier! We have pulled together some of the knowledge and tricks we have gathered from encounters with our customers over the last number of years. Working in this industry certainly exposes you to some of the most thrifty and organised people out there and in this blog post we aim to share some of the tit-bits of knowledge we have accumulated in order to make your life that little bit easier!

Everybody loves a simple solution to a common problem. We all get annoyed by little things but there is nothing more satisfying than solving a problem that has been bugging you for a while. The following life hacks aim to do just that! We hope that they can bring a little joy to your household!

Has anybody else noticed the size of the eight-legged creepy crawlies roaming around of late? Unfortunately, the mild weather at this time of year fuels a growth spurt for many of these furry creatures who are beginning to take refuge in our homes and garages! So if you are afraid of spiders like us, and are not so comfortable with sharing your home with these creatures then we have the solution for you! And it’s oh so simple! Lemons, oranges and limes repel these multi-legged creatures, so mix one or all with water and then spray the mixture along doorways and windows and they won’t enter your house.

life hacks

Love a nice, fresh-smelling room? Air fresheners not really doing the trick? Try this! – Buy a Fabreeze/Yankee Candle air freshener car clip and attach it to a fan. The scent will blow out into the room and have the entire room smelling delicious in no time!

Do you get nervous or anxious easily? Maybe you have exams or a presentation coming up? Well don’t let those nerves get the better of you when there is a very simple solution! – Blow on your thumb! This is one of those weird stress-reliever tricks that really works! Blowing on your thumb will reduce stress and make you feel more relaxed because your thumb has its own pulse and blowing on it activates the vagus nerve, which initiates a response downstream that acts to calm you. All you have to do is inhale for seven seconds, hold it for three seconds, blow on your thumb for seven seconds, then repeat!


There is nothing more annoying than having your phone freeze and shut down out of the blue – especially when you need it! Do you know what to do if your phone completely freezes? We do! – just plug it into the charger! This will immediately unfreeze it. This is a great hack to know if you’re totally stranded with a blacked-out phone!

life hacks

And finally, seeing as it is flu season, our final life hack is for all of you out there suffering with coughs and colds. If you can’t stop coughing at night, apply some Vicks Vaporub to your feet and put socks on. Apparently this will stop the cough. We’re not so sure about the medical basis for this one but try it and let us know how you get on!

We hope these simple life hacks come in handy – share the love and pass them onto your friends!