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Lights, Camera, Action!

Apr 29 2016

Self storage units are no stranger to the big screen, appearing in countless famous movies and tv shows throughout the years. We have done some research and put together a small portfolio of the more notable features of self storage units in the movies! Most commonly depicted as creepy, desolate places in horror films or suspected crime scenes in thrillers, self storage units have played a wide range of roles as the backdrop for many famous scenes.


Here are some of our nominations for self storage feature in a Hollywood production!

Breaking Bad season 5 part 1 finale: leaving the first half of season 5 on a knife edge, the story culminates in a thrilling scene at a self storage unit. What do all good criminals do with laundered cash? – rent a self storage unit!

Storage Wars: a self storage unit, the perfect setting for an auction!– “reality tv” at its finest! Going strong after 9 seasons and no sign of its following dwindling!

Esposito (2011): a feature length rom-com, centred on a young man who endeavours to win his love’s heart by buying her self storage unit at auction and attempting to win her affection with its contents. Although not typically associated with the romantic comedy genre, it turns out that self storage units can be full of romance and love!

Blood Shed: an eerie horror film, with the inspiration for the screenplay coming from three months the director spent living in a self storage unit! This movie is truly gruesome – exactly what we’d expect from a self storage unit on the big screen!

M (1931): This was the first serial killer movie ever to utilise sound – adding a whole new dimension to horror films as you can imagine! This movie paved the way for movies such as Se7en, The Silence of the Lambs and Zodiac. The film ends with serial killer, Hans Beckert, found hiding in a gloomy self storage unit!

Silence of the Lambs (1991): The horror film of all horror films! – and of course it features a self storage unit! In one of the creepier scenes of the film, Hannibal Lecter’s self storage unit in Baltimore is investigated by Detective Starling, and lots of weird items are found including a collection of mannequin limbs!

Self Storage (2013): with the tag line : Self Storage – Safe, Secure, Psychotic, this makes for a gruesome horror film for sure!

Homeland, Season 1, Episode 8: a self storage unit is the centre of clandestine activity of an escaped prisoner of CIA officer Carrie Mathieson, making for an exciting episode.

Not to fear though! – at Storage World, all of our storage units are CCTV surveilled with intruder alarms on site! We have had no reports of ghouls or ghosts to date – your stuff is safe with us! Consider a self storage unit for your excess of stuff and you never know – it may appear in a blockbuster some day!

Note: none of the scenarios outlined in this piece are recommended uses for your self storage unit.