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Making Your Home Elder Friendly I

Jul 13 2016

Growing old is something we cannot avoid, and while it can be a wonderful time it also comes with its ailments. Deterioration in mobility, memory and vision can make living at home all the more difficult. It is, therefore, important to make sure that your home is suitably altered to accommodate these changes in your health status. Adequate and effective storage in the home is at the heart of this, as are many other aspects that we will mention over the course of the next couple of blog posts.

We will begin by addressing the types of issues older people may have that can contribute to difficulties in the home and outline the role that storage has in improving these situations. In the next blog post we will continue to show ways that the home can be altered to accommodate an older resident at the benefits that these changes can have for their health and quality of life in the home.

We have previously done a blog post on making the home a less hazardous place, and included some tips for the older person. Now we will focus on hacks that can make the home more user-friendly for an older person dealing with the burden of illness and mobility impairment.

Some of the main health issues that can contribute to difficulties in the home for an older person include issues with mobility, vision and psychological problems. These ailments contribute to falls and accidents in the home as well as confusion and anxiety for the older person. The benefits of adapting the home for the older person are many and include, improvement in quality of life and confidence about living at home, prevention of falls and other accidents, and a decrease in stress, depression and anxiety which can impose a significant burden on the older person.

So where does self storage come into all of this? Adequate storage is of utmost importance for the older person in their home. Not only does a tidy and organised home help to prevent falls and accidents, it also improves orientation and can prevent forgetfulness by allowing routine in the home. The benefits of good storage facilities and increased space in the home are many, for the older person these include all of the benefits listed above.


It is important that there is adequate space for moving around. For people who struggle with balance or smooth movement and, most especially, poor vision, it is really important to remove clutter and mess from the home. The homes of  older people are very often filled with clutter and junk – the accumulation of lives well lived! Many older people are prone to excessive amounts of stuff in their homes which can prove hazardous when battling mobility issues. As people often find it difficult to part with keepsakes and items of sentimental value, we have a very easy solution to this – self storage unit rental. It relieves the stress of having to part with belongings, when you have the peace of mind that they can be accessed and retrieved whenever you may want them. The extra space granted by the self storage unit, can facilitate a more effective de-cluttering of the home, and allow more stuff to be removed from the home.

De-cluttering will ensure that walkways and corridors are not hazardous places and that a clear path between rooms is provided. The risks of falls are decreased and the visually impaired can have more confidence about their surroundings.

De-cluttering the home can also promote orientation and memory and help to prevent confusion. If there is less stuff to be battling with in the home, there is less of a chance that items may become misplaced and it is easier to keep belongings organised and in their respective places in the home. If each belonging has its own space in the house, then this should decrease the likelihood of building confusion for the older person.

Now that we have highlighted the benefits of storage units for older people living at home, we will continue in our next blog post to outline other ways that the home can be modified to help improve the quality of life for an older person, including some more storage tips!