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Making Room For Guests In Your Home This Christmas

Dec 02 2016

‘Tis the season for family, friends and festivities! And often that also means lots of visitors and guests at your home. Your house may be a tight squeeze when it comes to extra bodies but we have lots of handy advice to help you fit as many guests in your home as comfortably as possible! This post is mainly dedicated to people living in an apartment or smaller homes, who may not have a guest room, you are planning on making room for guests in their home, but the tips also apply for making your guests feel welcome in any size of home.

making room for guests

Just because you do not have a guest bedroom, does not have to mean that you cannot welcome guests into your home. The following are tips that will help turn your living area into a second bedroom and give your guests a comfortable experience.

Instead of having a couch in your living space, why not invest in a futon or a daybed. This gives a perfect and comfortable space for your guests to sleep and essentially converts your living area into a guest bedroom at night. For extra guests, air mattresses are probably the way to go. They are very convenient and quick to assemble, and deflate to a miniature size for easy storage – they’re a no-brainer!

Organise an area for your guests to stow their luggage before they arrive. Clear a corner of the room or a closet so that they have a place to leave their things and you won’t be fretting about mess and luggage strewn across your apartment.

Ensure that you have extra supplies for your guests, including extra toilet paper and other supplies like shampoo, toothpaste, cleanser and even spare toothbrushes. This will save them space while packing and will ensure that you don’t run out of anything!

If your guests will be staying for a number of nights, it might be worth thinking about adding a few simple things to the living area to make it more like a bedroom – for example, placing a lamp beside the fold-out bed, an extension lead for plugging in appliances and chargers, and extra towels and quilts to ensure your guests are comfortable.

making room for guests

Disposable ear plugs and eye masks may be a nice touch for your guests, especially if they are going to be sleeping in the central living area of the house. Ensure that they can get as much uninterrupted sleep as possible.

You could invest in a fold-up screen for the room while they are there. This can be used to store luggage behind, without leaving the room looking messy. It may also be used for changing and for privacy while sleeping. These are easily stored away afterwards and definitely help to improve privacy and comfort in a small living space.

Leave out some reading material for your guests  – a nice touch and they may be very happy with it during bouts of insomnia.

It’s always a good idea to have wifi passwords taped to the fridge door or somewhere convenient so that you don’t need to go wading through luggage to dig out the code!


For your friends and family to feel comfortable it is important not to have too much clutter around your home. It is a good idea to do a clean out of your junk prior to their arrival. If space is seriously at a premium you could consider renting a self storage unit as a short term solution for your things. Storage units come in all shapes and sizes, and a small locker-sized unit may free-up considerable space in your living area for your guests. Why not take a look at our Size Estimator to see what storage solutions might suit your needs.

Finally, cramming lots of people into a small space comes with its own issues. Remain relaxed, stress will emanate and will not make guests feel comfortable in your home.