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Why You Need a Self Storage Unit

Jul 28 2016

So what is the hype all about? Why is this such a craze in the US? Self storage facilities are popping up all across the country here in Ireland – so why should you get involved?! We are going to disclose the many benefits of a self storage unit for you right here!

Beneficial for numerous aspects of your life, a self storage unit has a wide range of uses – not all of which are commonly considered. We want to tell you all of the many things a unit can be used for and how it may be of benefit to your life!

Your home. A de-cluttered home is a happy home! – our motto! More space can be created in your home if you can remove items that you do not require on a day-to-day basis. A self storage unit allows you to hold onto items that you do not wish to discard, but that are clogging up your home! Some examples of things that are ideally stored in self storage units to create more space in the home include seasonal clothing, sports equipment, photographs and keepsakes, and anything that is taking up too much space in your home! The benefits of this are many! – extra space in your home can facilitate many things – airbnb rental, a yoga studio, calmness without the extra mess!


Your pocket. Home owners and renters may be searching for, or already living in, larger homes than they may require. Larger homes to accommodate excessive belongings is a clear waste of money and in today’s Irish housing market – the cost of owning or renting a home is substantial! If a chunk of your belongings could be off-loaded to a centrally-located and easily accessed site – then why not?! Self storage units are very cost effective, especially when compared with the alternative of living in a home with extra rooms or storage space for belongings that are not required on a daily basis!

Your business. In a previous blog post we highlighted the numerous benefits of a self storage unit for your business, as well as comparing the cost per metre square of office space versus renting a self storage unit. Files, paperwork, extra equipment and other excess stuff at your office is taking up valuable working space! Remove this stuff to a self storage unit a free-up space in your office – valuable space that could be used to facilitate more staff or necessary equipment for the day-to-day running of your business. For more information on how a self storage unit could help your business, click here.


Your peace of mind. With CCTV, intruder alarms, personal locks and friendly staff as standard, self storage units are facilities in which your belongings will be very safe. They can be accessed whenever you want or need them. Storage World has two city centre locations in the country that are easily accessed by public transport as well as by car, having free parking on-site.


Heard enough?! It’s a no-brainer! If you can relate to any of the above points than a self storage unit may make sense for you.

And hey – it’s worth a try! – with no contracts and payments on a monthly basis, you can opt out whenever you wish! – But we don’t think you will!!…