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New Concepts in Self Storage

Aug 21 2016

We have done some research and have found two exciting new prospects for the self storage industry. Both are web-based services that provide self storage at your fingertips! Keep reading to find out more about what these apps involve!

The self storage industry is developing at a very fast rate. This relatively young industry is keeping itself relevant with new advances in the way that it does business coming to the fore. Of course, these advances are mainly centred on technological progression and improved convenience for users.

Anything that makes the lives of customers easier is good for business! So it is about time that the self storage industry forges an online component to its business.


Cityvarasto Self Storage in Finland has set up a Webstore for their self storage company like no other! The Webstore is the latest way to rent a self storage unit – and you guessed it! – it all takes places with the touch of a button. Likely based on the success of the supermarket industry and online grocery shopping, convenience is key when it comes to providing a service in this day and age.

The more customers you want to interact with your service, the more convenient your service has to be. What Webstore involves is an online app that you can use to rent a unit, manage your rental, as well as organise collection of your items for storage and even get your items delivered back to your address when you need them! You can also access your unit via your mobile phone at any hour of the day! – no need for a key or an access card!

It is the obvious next step forward for the self storage industry in the 21st century, and trust Scandinavia to get there first!

As it is a relatively new concept, we will have to wait and see whether it takes off – but we are sure it won’t be long before a similar concept reaches our shores, meaning that the whole process of storing your items is set to become even easier than it already is!

Itimizit, is another new concept pioneered by Storage Solutions of Virginia, USA. It is a web-based app that cleverly allows self storage unit renters to keep track of the items in their unit. It allows the renter to create a database of the belongings in their unit, including pictures and a barcode system for boxes. This eliminates the hassle of rummaging through vast amounts of stuff in order to find an item.

It was originally aimed at those that use self storage units for business purposes, with many helpful features to aid a business owner to prosper from their self storage unit. The developers of the app have found that it is useful to anyone with a self storage unit. Itimizit generates a unique code for an item, then each storage box is labeled with a scannable QR code. The code makes it possible to locate any object in the box without having to open it and search through the contents. Photos of items can also be taken and uploaded

It is a different approach to self storage because it also allows storage space to be rented differently – based on requirement rather than renting entire units – which may not be necessary. Because boxes can be tracked to renters so easily this means that units can be shared and renters need only pay for exactly the amount of space they require – a win-win for both renter and facility owner as space can be used to a premium.

Itimizit also has uses outside of the self storage unit – the company has allowed people without storage units to download the app to create an inventory for their attics or basements!


So what do you think? Are these good advancements for the self storage industry? Do you think that these new concepts in self storage would succeed here in Ireland? We welcome all feedback on our blog posts, and any comments can be left below the post!